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We Buy Cars with Outstanding Finance

Can I sell my car with outstanding finance? You can with WeWantAnyCar!

When you originally bought your car, you may have decided to buy it on a hire purchase (HP) or another type of finance agreement, for example, a personal contract purchase (PCP). However, once the time comes to sell your vehicle, there may still be an outstanding figure to pay off.

The good news is will buy cars with outstanding finance. That means you can sell a car on finance to us with the upmost confidence as we will offer you all the necessary support and advice you need.

We make the entire process of selling a car on finance so quick and straight forward for you, that you’ll soon forget why you initially stressed “can I sell my car on finance?” and simply get on with everything you need to do to sell your vehicle.

All you have to do is obtain your free car valuation through our website to see how much money you could get for your car. After that, it’s as simple as booking an appointment online at your nearest WeWantAnyCar branch.

There are a number of reasons why you might decide to sell your car with outstanding finance to us. Perhaps you simply no longer want to keep the car, or maybe you have found a change in your personal circumstances means you’re no longer able to afford the monthly repayments.

Regardless of the reason, we will buy your car at a great price and settle your finance arrangement as part of the deal.

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Selling a car with outstanding finance

If you decide to sell your car with outstanding finance to us, we will help you deal with all legalities involved and make the process as easy and smooth for you as possible.

Once you obtain your car's valuation through our free car value calculator you will see the estimate of how much your car is worth. All you need do after that is to make an appointment and come to a WeWantAnyCar branch in your area. There, we will be able to confirm the figure or offer a fair alternative after we physically inspect your car. Once your car's value has been agreed, we will HPI check your vehicle for any outstanding finance.

How to sell a car with outstanding finance

There are two ways to go about sell a car with outstanding finance. If you wish, you can settle the outstanding finance yourself. Alternatively, we can deal with your finance company on your behalf.

We will contact the relevant financial institution and request a final settlement figure for you. This can normally be obtained on the same day. As part of the car selling process, we will then deduct this figure from your car's value.

Whatever money remains after the calculation will then be transferred into your bank account. You will receive cash for your car within four days.

Negative equity car valuation

If the outstanding finance is more than your car's value (negative equity), you can still sell your car to us, but in this case you will have to pay us the difference in order to make the figure up.

Convenient Drop-Off points

We have many locations throughout the UK where you can drop your car off.

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