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Affordable Electric Cars

For many driver’s price is a big factor in holding off on purchasing an EV. While the charging infrastructure finally begins to grow and the environmental benefits are encouraging, many still can’t get past the price tag to make an electric car feasible.

The battery makes up a large portion of the overall electric vehicle cost and this is certainly the reason why many of these greener options are so expensive. However, we are now starting to see a slow decrease in price as car manufacturers work hard to reduce the costs involved. So, if you’re currently in the market for a new car, our pick of the most affordable electric cars might help with an important decision.

Renault Zoe Affordable electric cars

Renault Zoe

Looking for an electric supermini but don’t know where to start? The Renault Zoe can be quite persuading. Designed for city driving, you’ll find the steering to be smooth and effortless and with such a low centre of gravity comes excellent handling, leading to an impressive ride quality. To counteract the almost silent engine, Renault has given the ZOE a low sound when travelling at slower speeds to help make pedestrians aware of your presence. We much prefer the R135 100kW model, with its faster acceleration, longer driving range and an enticing starting price of £27,000.

Hyundai IONIQ Affordable electric cars

Hyundai IONIQ

If you’re looking for a fairly conventional family hatchback the IONIQ may be the one for you. This comfort-orientated vehicle was the first to offer drivers a choice of 3 electrified powertrains: a petrol/electric hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric battery-powered version. With the reformed fully electric model you get a 38.3kWh battery which offers a potential WLTP-rated driving range of 182 miles. It’s easy to drive and with the £3,500 government incentive, you would be looking to pay around £30,000 for the ‘Premium’ electric trim model.

Hyundai Kona Affordable electric cars

Hyundai Kona

Another option by Hyundai is the Kona Electric. It’s selling point is simple, the Kona offers the kind of range you’d get in a luxury EV for the kind of price you’d pay for a more affordable one. And with electric vehicles, that selling point is a real game-changer. For around £35,000 this compact crossover will offer you a very appealing electric driving range of 279miles and a rather stylish design.

KIA eNiro Affordable electric cars

Kia e-Niro

Recently voted ‘Best Electric Car 2019’ at the Business Car Awards, the Kia e-Niro is setting a new benchmark when it comes to electric vehicles. This very accessible car combines the range capabilities of EV’s in the premium sector, with the high specification you would find in a family crossover costing over £30,000. The plug-in variant starts at £23,000 and boasts a bigger boot than the Hyundai Kona Electric, as well as plusher spec than the Nissan LEAF, it’s certainly worth considering.

Nissan LEAF Affordable electric cars

Nissan LEAF

The world’s best-selling electric vehicle has received some upgrades with its second-generation model. It now includes new clever technology, sleeker design and an enhanced driving range. Flashback to 2010 and you would struggle to get 60-70 miles out of the LEAF between charges, now, however, Nissan claims you will get 168 miles from the standard 40kWh model – or 239 miles from the alternative ‘e+’ version with its 62kWh battery. With prices starting from £27,000 there is still plenty of reason to opt for this iconic EV.

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