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Are you a Space Invader? New campaign from Highways England

Over the years Highways England has released many thought-provoking and powerful campaigns that shine a light on the many issues we face as road users. In 2016, they brought us a campaign showing the danger rain can cause when driving:

In 2017 they released ‘Distressed’ targeting the dangers of not wearing protective clothing on motorbikes:

This new campaign aims to draw attention to the dangerous habit irritating X road users. With 87% saying they’ve witnessed or have experienced it themselves. Tailgating. It’s infuriating and as former Formula 1 world champion, Nigel Mansell says – it doesn’t get you to your destination any faster. In fact, you’re putting many innocent people at risk.

Highways England has shared some tips about what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re being tailgated.

What you should do

Just drive normally

The key is to not let the tailgater’s poor behaviour negatively influence your own driving. Simply continue to drive safely and cautiously, aware but not affected by their presence.

Allow them to overtake

Keep a steady speed so they may overtake. Alternatively, pull to the side of the road, or turn off at a petrol station, but only if it is safe to do so.

Clearly signal

Ensure the tailgater has a clear idea of your intentions by signalling early and changing your speed well in advance of a turn off.

What you shouldn’t do

Don’t speed up

Generally, this will encourage the tailgater to speed up behind you. Continue to travel at a safe speed. Do not allow the pressure from the tailgater to influence you to drive unsafely.

Don’t slow down

Intentionally slowing down to irritate the close follower or tapping the brake lights can trigger road rage and cause more dangerous scenarios to arise.

Don’t stare in the rear-view mirror

It can be tempting to stare at the driver behind but can cause you to lose focus on what’s in front of you.

Watch the campaign video here:

Read more about the Highways England campaign.

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