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Be responsible with your waste motor oil

Many people like to do a bit of basic vehicle maintenance and an oil change is often top of the list. If you are going to do this there are a few things you should be aware of. Motor oil is a hazardous material and must be handled with care. Avoid contact with your skin, eyes and mouth. If you do have accidental contact, rinse off with water and if necessary seek medical advice. Always wash your hands properly afterwards, even if you have been wearing gloves.

Before you begin always wear gloves, you can buy disposable latex or similar from most supermarkets these days and also make sure that you have a suitable container to store the waste oil in. Never ever pour the used oil down the drain, throw away with household rubbish or pour on the ground. Not only can you damage the environment but you could pollute drinking water supplies. Your local council will have collection points for waste motor oil and you should take it there.

There are now also some companies who will collect the waste motor oil for recycling, try and find out if there are any in your area and contact them to take the oil away. Recycling used motor oil is a great thing to do, not only does it save energy but it reduces pollution and is cheaper to refine than crude oil.

If you cannot dispose of the used motor oil immediately, store it in a strong plastic container with a well fitting lid and keep it in your shed or garage until you can dispose of it or have it collected. Do try and remove it quickly though in case the container leaks or is thrown away by mistake.

Recycle used motor oil

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