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Best car moments in British Sitcoms

Let’s face it, British comedy is pretty tough to beat. There are literally hundreds of hilarious sitcom moments to roll around laughing to. But seeing as we’re about all things automotive, we decided to focus on the best car scenes we’ve seen! So take a look, have a giggle, then give us a shout if there’s any we’ve missed…

Gavin & Stacey – ‘Wise Men’

Let’s kick this off with one of Gavin & Stacey’s most iconic scenes. We’ve all got that one mate who A) has poor taste in music, B) insists on listening to it in the car, and C) Sings along…badly.

Bryn (that’s ‘hill’ in Welsh) has his fair share of side splitting moments in the series, but the James Blunt bust out definitely takes the prize.

The Inbetweeners – The car goes into the lake

How can you make a list like this without mentioning these misfits?

There are countless comedy gold moments involving Simon’s tacky old Fiat Cinquecento, and we wanted to include some of the more obvious ones. But for the sake of keeping this ‘family friendly’, we decided to go with the safest choice!

After surviving more than a few sticky situations, Simon’s yellow banger finally meets its watery grave – no thanks to two of the worst friends on Earth.

Peter Kay’s Car Share – Running Late

The stand-up legend from Bolton smashes it again. Hitting all the classic clichés in laugh out loud style, this scene between John and Kayleigh pays homage to all those designated drivers out there who have had to deal with a drunken passenger.

Just check out that look of horror on his face when she stumbles out of the house. We all know what he’s thinking… ‘Oh God, I have to drive THAT to work?!’

Father Ted – There’s a bomb on the milk float!

If you haven’t seen this show, you haven’t laughed enough in your life. Just saying. Father Dougal finds himself in a tough spot when Pat Mustard plants a revenge bomb that will go off when he drops below 5mph.

Only Fools and Horses – Del is finally a millionaire

This beloved duo have given us plenty of laugh out loud moments over the years, and outside of Del Boy falling through the bar, this clip is definitely a worthy mention.

In this 1996 Christmas special, we finally see Del and Rodney succeed in their get rich quick schemes. The childlike screaming and celebrations in their battered old three-wheeler is enough to put a smile on even Boycie’s face.

I’m Alan Partridge – ‘DAN!’

Remember that Marmot that shouted ‘ALAN! ALAN! ALAN!’ on our TV screens a few years back? Well this is the original scene.

Cringe-worthy radio DJ Alan Partridge makes a fool of himself in front of the ladies as he tries to get Dan’s attention across the parking lot. Ever waved or shouted to someone, but they don’t acknowledge you and you feel like a complete loser?

Yep, so has Alan…

The IT Crowd – Getaway driver

Hands down one of Chris O’Dowd’s best moments. After spending the whole episode trying to prove he’s ‘one of the lads’, Roy finds himself acting as getaway driver in an armed robbery. He then proves that he’s not exactly built for the task – struggling to get the car up the ramp.

We can all identify with bad driving when the pressure is on, like parallel parking on a busy street or hill starting with a car right behind. Just like Roy, it’s not unusual to be a blubbering mess by the end of the ordeal.


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