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The best cars for driving through a jungle

The closest most Brits get to a jungle is watching ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ on the TV. Each winter more and more z-list celebrities, from dart players to supermodels, pack their bikinis and speedos and head to Australia to make a quick buck and see how much the British public love or loathe them through a serious of challenges and a phone-in to be voted off. As motoring enthusiasts, whether you would rather watch paint dry than celebrities toiling around for a few weeks is irrelevant, as it does throw up an intriguing question of which car would be best to choose for driving through the jungle?

‘I’m a celebrity’ makes light of quite a dangerous and isolated place, which in many ways would be difficult to traverse on foot let alone by car. The jungle is full of dense undergrowth, treacherous terrain and unpredictable weather that make walking through it tough let alone driving through it. Any car taking on the task would have to have a durable nature, high ground clearance and superior off-road credentials; so you are only really looking at 4×4 and SUVs and here are the ones that could stand up to the task without faltering:

Toyota Land Cruiser

If a Toyota Land Cruiser could talk it would beg you to release it from the tarmac and back to its roots, which is tackling the most hostile and challenging terrain known to man. It makes absolutely no sense on British shores, but send it to Africa or Australia and it comes alive where it feels at home. Its rugged and reliable nature is second only to its outstanding off-road capability, which makes mincemeat of even the toughest landscape and puts it at the top of class when venturing off the beaten path.
Offroad Fun

Land Rover Discovery

The clue is in the name, Land Rover built the Discovery to get out there and explore not stay on the road. The Discovery is probably the best all-round 4×4 on the market. It delivers both on-road and off-road capability in spade fulls and has the luxury and refinement to carry a celebrity through the deepest reaches of the jungle and out the other side with unrivalled ease and comfort at every stage. There is plenty of practicality too to store that much needed equipment for foraging through the jungle. There are definitely legitimate claims coming from the Land Rover Defender that it would be more useful in the jungle than the Discovery; but the best thing going in favour of the Discovery is once you escape from the jungle then the Discovery won’t let you down on the tarmac.
Land Rover

Jeep Wrangler

It may share its name with a famous pair of Jeans, but the Jeep Wrangler has off-roading zipped up. It’s a heavy-duty 4×4 that is uncompromising off-road, but less accomplished on it. The Wrangler boasts the high ground clearance and the formidable shell that looks primed for tough terrain. There is an assured ability to keep going in all circumstances and its flexibility of being able to remove the roof and doors if necessary. Overall, the Jeep Wrangler is built for life in the jungle and not the roads, so it seems the ideal companion for a jungle adventure.
jeep wrangler


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