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The Best Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers & Enthusiasts 2016

Best Car Gifts 2016

This week we officially kick off the countdown to Christmas. So, it’s time to get into the festive spirit and start thinking about stocking fillers!

We know how difficult it is to be creative with gift ideas – especially when you have a huge family to shop for! So we’ve put our thinking caps on and come up with some cool kit suggestions for the car – so at the very least we can help you get the car lover in your life ticked off the shopping list…

For the retro car owner…

ION Audio Bluetooth Cassette Adapter, £29.95ION Audio Bluetooth Cassette AdapterHelp that person you know with the super old car catch up to the 21st century with the ION Audio Bluetooth Cassette Adapter. Thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth connectivity, even tape playing vehicles can hook up to smartphone devices, allowing you to blast out your favourite iTunes playlists.

There’s more. This adapter also features a built in microphone, meaning that you can also make and receive calls hands-free on the road using your phone’s compatible virtual assistant.

The device is rechargeable with a simple USB port, and is a great little gift for someone with a ‘retro’ car model!

For the scatter brain…

Tile, Key Finder with App – Available from Maplin for £19.99
Tile Key Finder with App

Simple yet effective. We all know someone who is just constantly losing their stuff. Even worse, we know the frustration and stress that comes with them losing their keys. Bags and cupboards are aggressively emptied onto the floor, and the fear of being late leads to a frantic desperation that always ends in a blame game…shortly followed by the keys being found in the fridge.

Tile will ensure this stressful routine becomes a thing of the past – no more “You must have moved them!”, “I’m going to be late!”, “I bet you’ve hidden them!” Time saved + an argument avoided = perfect gift.

For the angry driver…

Road Rage Swearing Punch Ball – Available from Find Me A Gift £5.99

Road Rage Swearing Punch Ball

Everyone needs a healthy outlet for their anger, especially when you’re suffering from a bad case of road rage. If you know someone who just needs to channel their frustrations on commute then the Road Rage Swearing Punch Ball will do just the trick.

Next time the red mist descends, drivers can hit the punch ball and it will churn out empathetic phrases like “take the bus idiot”. We think that roads would be a much calmer and happier place if all cars had these installed!

For people who like cool gadgets…

Grip Strip – Available at: Firebox for £6.99
Grip Strip

Know someone who could do with getting a grip? A grip strip we mean. Now, this isn’t the most technologically advanced gift you could buy – BUT it is seriously convenient to road users. Having one of these stuck on the dashboard eliminates the need to pull over to check your phone when you’re on the move, and any distraction this can cause when you’re driving. It’s just one of those day to day innovations that makes life that little bit easier and safer!

For the thrill seeker…

Aston Martin and Ariel Atom Experience Day – Available at: Getting Personal for £69.99
Aston Martin and Ariel Atom Experience Day

Now here’s a gift idea that’s got some added ‘vroom vroom pow’! If you know a petrol head who would get a kick out of playing James Bond for the day then there really is no other present to top this.

The lucky recipient of this experience package will get behind the wheel of The Aston Martin V8 Vantage, considered the most beautiful Aston of modern times. They’ll also get to see how the professionals do it with a passenger ride in the awesome supercharged Ariel Atom.

Perfect gift for dad…

Personalised Leather Key Ring – Available at: Getting Personal for £14.99
Personalised Leather Key Ring

Dad’s tend to like the simple things – they’re old fashioned, easily pleased and they love their leather. So here’s a classic stocking filler with an added personal touch that’s sure to make them say ‘aww’.

For the terrible navigator…

TomTom GO 510 5″ Sat Nav with MyDrive & Lifetime Traffic & Lifetime World Maps – Available on Amazon.
TomTom GO 510 5
This nifty gadget sees the traditional function of the sat nav enhanced, and helps you to get to your destination quicker than ever before. You can now use TomTom MyDrive on a PC, tablet or smartphone to see real-time traffic information, send destinations to your TomTom GO and continually know when is best to leave on your journey.

For the proud car owner…

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection – Available at: Halfords for £25
Autoglym Perfect Bodywork
Do you know someone who has a pride of ownership that borders on OTT? Or maybe you know someone who refuses to use car washes or pressure hoses out of fear they’ll cause marks to their paintwork? Well, Autoglym has the perfect product for them, with products to clean, polish, shine up their pride and joy.

For the practical car owner…

Windshield Wizard Inside Screen Cleaner – Available at: Qwerkity for £11.99
Windshield Wizard Inside Screen Cleaner

There are some day to day items that realistically you can live without, and then there are others that quite simply improve the quality of day to day life. The Windshield Wizard falls under the latter…

No more squinting to see through that grimy windscreen of yours. All it takes is a quick wipe to see things more clearly.

For the messy car owner…

Henry Car Bin – Available at: Qwerkity for £8.99
Henry Car Bin

From the proud car owner to the messy one! We’ve all been guilty of leaving a wrapper or two in the glove box, but we can all name and shame that one person who just takes the littering to an alarming extreme, leaving packets and fast food cup holders strewn across the floor.

Solution? Get them a Henry Car Bin…for your sake if not theirs. Because let’s face it – you’ll never want a lift from them if there’s a chance of sitting on a half-eaten sandwich.

Looking for further car gift ideas?

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