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7 car camping ideas to try this summer holidays

If you’re looking for a cost-effective holiday, camping can bring you closer to nature, keep you in budget and it’s great for everyone – couples, solo travels and family holidays.

We’re sharing our top seven car camping ideas for you to try out this summer holidays!

Position a mattress in the back of your car

Camping under the stars – is there anything more peaceful? Sometimes it seems too much effort to pitch a tent, unloading your clothes and camping equipment and settling down for a night of loud whistling winds and probably a bit of a chill. Camping in your car eliminates the slightly less attractive aspects of camping.

With the back seats folded down, position a blow-up mattress in the back of your car. Before you go to sleep you can lie with the boot wide open enjoying the sounds and smells of the campsite, closing the boot when you’re ready to sleep. A cost-effective and very simplistic way to camp!

Make use of boot storage

If you are pitching a tent, make sure you’re making the most of your boot space. Although it can be very tempting to throw everything in, consider buying a set of plastic drawers. In these drawers, you can keep your clothes, packaged food and snacks, coffee and perhaps additional non-essential items you wouldn’t usually have space for when camping. This makes your camping experience that little bit more glamorous.

Build a DIY tarpaulin porch

Make use of your open boot when car camping and position a tarpaulin over the end of your boot, fixing it to the ground with tent pegs. This gives you a place to cook and socialise without getting wet in the evenings. If you have poles, attach these to the far ends of your tarp making a taller porch where you can stand or sit to admire the view.

Shoe or clothes holders become very useful

Cheap and easy to hang, shoe and clothes holders are perfect for storing pots and pans or ingredients you can’t stack or squash. Shoe holders are particularly useful for storing your phones or cameras while you sleep.

Prep your meals into containers

There’s not usually much space for chopping veg and preparing your meals in general when camping. Eliminate the stress of cooking on your relaxing camping trip by prepping your meals beforehand. The more ‘one pot’ recipes you can find the better. Chop and measure your ingredients before you set off on your trip. This will greatly reduce any stress when it comes to meal times. Simply pop in the pan and cook away!

Bring an LED head torch and a container of water

If you’re car camping electricity might be pretty much non-existent. Save money with this natural light magnification technique. Simply bring along a headtorch with an LED light inside and strap around your full, see-through water bottle or container. You’ll notice this creates a fantastic DIY lantern!

Pack power chargers for your devices

Whether you’re camping for the peace and quiet and removing yourself from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, or hoping to go on an exciting adventure, make sure your electronic devices are easy to charge without draining your car battery. So if you fancy a movie night with your tablet, or you need to use your phone, you won’t need to cautiously conserve the battery.

Got any more ideas? Share your favourites with us on Twitter or Facebook! Happy camping!

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