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Volvo voted most-trusted brand for autonomous cars

Volvo most trusted for autonomous cars

When you think of self-driving cars brands that might come to the forefront of your mind include Tesla and Waymo, but would Volvo? In a 2,520-respondent-strong survey conducted by DriveTribe Volvo pips the arguably more recognised self-driving car manufacturers to the post by quite a bit. With 51.1% of the vote, the Swedish manufacturer – Read More →

Practical tips to prepare your car for autumn

Practical tips to prepare your car for autumn

The nights are drawing in quickly so now is a good time to prepare your car for the colder seasons. Not only should you check your car on a regular basis anyway, but it’s even more important to check your car is ready for the autumnal and wintery evenings ahead. Check your lights We are Read More →

What makes a car safe?

How safe is your car?

It’s an important question… but one without a simple answer. The reality is, travelling in any vehicle automatically poses some level of risk to its occupants in the event of an accident or collision. You are sharing a road with other drivers, all of whom – like yourself – are controlling heavy cars capable of Read More →

All you need to know about all-season tyres

So, the season has changed, the weather has changed…and so have the road conditions. Rain, ice and snow will now become factors that all UK road users have to consider before embarking on their daily commute. Naturally, it is important to prepare your vehicle for the challenges it will face over the coming months. Good Read More →

The safest cars to drive in 2016

With more cars on the road than ever before, it is becoming more imperative to check the safety features in a vehicle before finalising your purchase. Why not check out the safest models in advance before your next trip to your local car retailer? We researched the safest vehicles that underwent a series of tests Read More →

How to stay safe when driving in fog

Driving in fog is one of the most dangerous conditions road users can face. Common in winter but with the potential to occur all year round, it’s important to be prepared for driving in foggy conditions as well as knowing what to expect from the road, and your vehicle. From knowing when and how to Read More →

Car Seat Safety: Everything You Need to Know

With car seat laws constantly changing, it’s important to keep on top of all the new rules and regulations being put in place to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your child safe. Details on age limits, the type of car seat, and the safety of your child seat are all important Read More →

Safety aspects to look for when buying a used car

Remember the excitement of buying your first car? Now think back to your wish list for that car; good looks, metallic paint, the sweetest sounding engine that you could afford? Of course! Safety?  Not so much. Today however when you buy a car, you will no doubt agree that it is important to ensure that Read More →

The implications of a cracked windscreen

Photo credit: Lee Haywood via flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 In November 2014, an Air France flight on route to Paris made an emergency landing after its windscreen cracked in mid-air! We’ve all been there – maybe not with a Boeing 737, however almost certainly with our own car when that small chip that we Read More →

Part worn tyres: Are they safe?

Running a car can be an expensive affair, so when there is a legal option for drivers to cut corners, there is a strong temptation to do so. One of the biggest areas where people look to save money on their vehicle is in the purchase of used tyres. Second hand, or ‘used tyres‘ is Read More →

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