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5 Car Insurance Myths Debunked

Car insurance myths

You may find that there’s a rumour mill on the driving circuit that’s just brimming with supposed ‘facts’ about car insurance – and this big wheel just keeps on turning thanks to those drivers who think they know a thing or two, but clearly don’t. So, allow us to dispel some of the myths you’ve Read More →

Valentine’s Day – show a little love for your car

Show a little love for your car

If anyone deserves to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day – it’s your car. Think about it… They carry us everywhere, put up with your screech- we mean…singing on the road and literally take a beating whenever you decide to channel your rage into the horn. So keep the wheels of love turning and show a Read More →

What happens if you get a puncture?

What happens if you get a puncture

To put it bluntly, a punctured tyre is something that’s more than likely going to happen to you at some point during your driving lifetime. And if it doesn’t, you’ll have to tell us where you found that lucky four leaf clover. Flat, punctured or blown tyres are just one part of owning a car… Read More →

5 Top Tips for Driving Safely at Night

Driving Safely at Night

Here’s a fact for you: Whilst only 15% of vehicle miles are clocked between 7pm and 7am, they also account for nearly a third of all injuries and fatalities on the road – a Department for Transport study has revealed. Now, we’re not saying this to scare you – just prepare you. The fact is, Read More →

Car speedo: How fast are you really going?

How does a speedometer work? Okay, so as we were all reminded repeatedly in science class, speed is the measurement of distance over time. Your car’s speedometer however, doesn’t actually measure how fast you travel but works by measuring the rotation of your car’s wheel, axle or driveshaft. Then, they essentially use some basic maths Read More →

The best UK parking apps reviewed

Parking can be a real pain in the backside! Don’t let searching for spaces get you down. We’ve reviewed the UK’s best parking apps to make your day out trouble-free. Appy Parking – Free Founded in 2013 in London, Appy Parking grew out of Yellow Line Parking, an app originally created to help Londoners make Read More →

Holiday car hire made easy

Choosing a car rental company for your holiday can be a daunting job. With a vast amount of packages and persuasive sales staff, you could end up spending more than you want without receiving what you really need for your summer adventure. Read our advice on holiday car hire for a hassle-free trip. Plan before Read More →

Why breakdown cover is essential when driving abroad

There’s nothing worse than your vehicle breaking down mid-road trip, especially if you are on holiday abroad. Yet surprisingly, 1 in 3 of Brits don’t have breakdown cover that covers them when they’re abroad. We think it’s essential to have these preparations ready; perhaps we can convince you too. It’s easier if you have a Read More →

The best car gadgets for festivals

Rain, shine, epic acts and more. Glorious Glastonbury is just a few weeks away, so we have put together a list of all the best festival accessories to see you through the iconic occasion. These days there’s no need to abandon all your home comforts when you’re camping or even just at a festival for Read More →

Top tips for driving in Italy

Thinking of traveling in Italy? As a country that boasts some of the most picturesque roadside views in Europe it is often one of the most popular motorist destinations for Brits. However before your set off on your holidays there are some top driving tips you need to know. Driving in Italy: Rules and regulations Read More →

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