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Top 5 driving licence refresher tips

From fast lane pros to lovers of the slow lane, we could all do with a few driver tips to improve our skills on the open road. You may have passed your test years ago but unless you’re an F1 champion, there’s always room for improvement. There are even courses that cater to motorists who Read More →

Which battery is best for your car?

That eerily quiet sound of your engine as it ticks over is a chilling feeling that instantly leaves you feeling very stranded – it’s happened again, your battery has decided to pack-up. Small but mighty. Your car battery may not seem like a critical car component, but without it, your trip to the shops or Read More →

8 tips for your car’s spring clean

Spring is a traditional time for homes to get a ‘face-lift’, a refreshing clean-out before the start of the summer season, so why only limit this to your home? Give your car some attention with a spring clean-up. Cleaning your car is not only for aesthetic reasons. After months of cold winter weather it’s important Read More →

How to save money on car maintenance

Dreading your next trip to the garage? There’s no need to if you follow our car maintenance tips. Look after your car and it’ll return the favour with a lower bill the next time you put it in for a check-up. Saving money with DIY maintenance Prevention is always better than cure, so try to Read More →

Discover the top 10 gadgets for your car

We all love a good gadget; the kettle that has a timer, or universal remote that controls every electronic device in your house. Gadgets are an ideal way to enhance your experience when doing things. When it comes to cars, we know the best options out there. Have a look at our top 10 picks Read More →

10 tips to reduce your fuel consumption

As a vehicle owner, filling-up your tank can, more often than not, feels as if you’re throwing hard earned money away. With the price of petrol fluctuating through-out the year, we’ve put together our 10 tips to save fuel and keep a little more money in your pocket this year. 1. Easy does it – Read More →

Which is better: Car finance or a loan?

Buying a shiny new car is an exciting experience. Being handed the keys, that new car smell and of course the proud moment you drive it off the forecourt. But before the happiness begins you’ve got to pay for it first. Having the cash to buy a new car upfront is the ideal situation, but Read More →

Are winter tyres right for you?

As winter bites, we prepare ourselves for the elements; donning gloves, hats, a warm coat and boots with extra grip. Is your car as prepared for the cold weather as you are? We all need to be more careful on the road when snow and ice are on the ground and winter tyres can help Read More →

Top 6 winter driving tips

Driving in winter can be time consuming, difficult and even dangerous, but preparing in the right way can help to make it a little easier. Depending on the severity of the weather, whether it be snow, ice, rain or otherwise, various precautions can be made to help make your morning commute that little bit easier. Read More →

How to avoid the less obvious distractions of using a mobile phone while driving

Using a mobile phone whilst driving can be deadly. It’s common knowledge among all drivers, but still causes serious collisions on UK roads, and all over the world, every year. Although driving whilst on the phone and texting in the car have become more socially unacceptable in recent years – the ever expanding capabilities of Read More →

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