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Cars of the future 2050. Here’s what we think they could feature…

Cars of the future 2050

This year we’ve seen some impressive advancements in the auto industry, with car manufacturers like Tesla going driverless and introducing breakthroughs that will change the nature of driving as we know it.

This got us thinking that there really is no limit to what could be achieved to enhance the driving experience…

In this spirit, we’ve put together a possible timeline of what we think cars of the future could feature by the year 2050 – but before you read on be warned… your car will seem archaic after this.

2018 – The self-cleaning car

We all look at our cars on a regular basis and think ‘I must remember to get that washed’… but let’s face it, we never do – and slowly but surely your once pristine vehicle starts to look like it’s just been through an automotive tough mudder challenge.

Cleaning the car is just one of those things that we never get around to, especially during the bitter winter. So, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the car itself would take care of that?

Back in 2014, Nissan attempted exactly this, using a paint called Ultra-Ever Dry – designed to repel surface water and oils. This supposedly creates a protective layer of air between your car and the environment, shielding it from dirt build up. The product is still in development, but could potentially hit the market in just a couple of years.

Check out the effects of Ultra-Ever Dry here.

2020 – A car with augmented reality

A car with augmented reality

Okay, you know in sci-fi movies like The Terminator when the robot can look at any object or person and automatically bring up data about them? Well, imagine how brilliant that would be in your car. Seriously, we’re talking about the use of AR (Augmented Reality) glasses that can display detailed information on the surroundings of your vehicle – identifying objects, how far they are away from you, how fast they are travelling and if they pose any risks. The system could essentially ‘predict’ possible hazards, then prompt you to alter your path accordingly.

Outside of the benefits this will have for the safety of your driving, you will have access to fun and useful information that will make day to day life easier. For example, you drive past a pub you like the look of, and you will be able to see reviews on TripAdvisor, or you could drive past a cinema and read listings for show times.

BMW initially unveiled this concept in 2015 (Taking Mini’s augmented reality glasses for a test drive), although it is still very much in the testing phases. It could be a long time before we see this type of advanced technology in luxury brand vehicles, let alone the average family car. Despite this, experts estimate that by 2020, at least 70% of all new cars will feature some form of AR technology.

This technology could not only prevent collisions and create peace of mind on the road… it would make you look pretty cool, too.

2030 – A car with personality

A car with personality

Think of all the times you’ve had to sit through a long traffic jam during the Friday rush hour. You’ve had a long week, your boss has been driving you mad – but there you are, trundling along alone with no one to cheer you up. So what if your car could?

Granted, this kind of advanced technology is a VERY long way off – that is, if it’s even possible. Nonetheless, there’s still the ongoing question of whether or not robots will ever have consciousness. Just imagine if your car could listen and react – it could cheer you up with a one liner when you’ve had a bad day, you could share anecdotes on those long journeys, and discuss last night’s match result.

We’re thinking along the lines of David Hasselhoff’s KITT from Knight Rider – those guys had a good thing going.

2050 – The flying car!

The flying car!

Come on, we had to add this one. Having a flying car would open up a whole world of opportunities. You could…

  • Jet off to the Galapagos without the faff of the airports – pop your case in the boot and take off straight from your driveway. Job done.
  • Cut out the commute time – soar over the rush hour traffic, laughing as you fly by
  • No more speed limits – unless they came up with floating signs!
  • You would effectively become both a pilot and a driver… and that’s kind of awesome

What features would you like to see in the car of the future?

Make sure you let us know by tweeting @WeWantAnyCar or leave a comment below.


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1 thought on “Cars of the future 2050. Here’s what we think they could feature…”

  1. justin says:

    It’s insane how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time with car tech. Really mind blowing considering what we had 20 years ago.

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