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Crazy Future Cars To Look Out For

It’s hard to imagine what the next decade of car manufacturing will bring given the huge advances we’ve seen in a relatively short period. However, if these recent concepts are a sign of what’s to come, we think we’re in for some outrageously crazy future cars.

Due to the growing concern over emissions we’ve witnessed the demand for diesel plummet, leading to the resurgence of electronification. So, it’s no surprise that some of the wildest vehicles on the horizon are indeed making use of the newest and smartest electric technology.

VW I.D. Buzz Microbus

The iconic retro VW campervan is going electric with the I.D Buzz Microbus concept car confirmed for a 2022 release. First unveiled at the beginning of 2019, the reaction to the only all-electric minivan on the market was so positive that Volkswagen bosses have decided to put it into production. The very obvious electric design gets even more exciting inside. All three rows of seats can be spun around, removed completely or laid down to create many different shape and size formations. A fold-away steering wheel and a head-up display with augmented reality are just a few of the cutting-edge design features.

Crazy Future Cars

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

Aiming to better connect drivers with machines and nature, Mercedes-Benz announced that they have been working with the team behind the 2009 Avatar film, to develop the Vision AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) concept car. Mercedes-Benz chairman Ola Källenius was joined on stage at CES 2020 this week by James Cameron and other members of the Avatar team. While we shouldn’t expect this car to materialise into production, it’s a very exciting concept car with unique design features. The dashboard and seats have been inspired by the shape of waves and flowers, meaning there are no straight lines anywhere in the design. 33 bionic flaps can be seen on the rear bodywork, while they look like reptile scales their purpose is to alter the aerodynamics. In conjunction with autonomous driving and an electric battery engine, a new hologram-based interface system means no steering wheel or traditional controls are needed, providing a very different driving experience indeed.

Crazy Future Cars

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla has built this Cybertruck with ultimate durability and protection in mind. The supposedly impenetrable stainless-steel structure and Tesla amour glass have been designed to give superior strength and maximum endurance, while the all-electric design offers a range of 250 miles to 500 miles depending on spec. Tesla boldly claims that the new vehicle has ‘better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car’. While many didn’t think that demand would exist, after an interesting, if not slightly disastrous launch in November by the company found Elon Musk, Tesla is already taking orders and lots of them!

Crazy Future Cars

Rinspeed MetroSnap

Yesterday Rinspeed demonstrated their 26th concept car, the MetroSnap, at the 2020 CES in Las Vegas. Quite possibly like nothing we have ever seen before, this electric modular vehicle aims to solve many mobility issues such as traffic congestion and air pollution. Whether it be used as a passenger transportation system, or as a self-driving courier supply chain service, the MetroSnap has been cleverly designed for smart cities. And the Swiss automotive company have already filed for patent protection against their unique new vehicle concept, showing they truly believe that demand and interest are out there… watch this space.

Crazy Future Cars

BMW i3 Urban Suite

BMW has reworked the i3 electric hatchback to come up with the i3 Urban Suite variation which aims to offer a luxurious, and unusual, two-seat design. The car company have stated that the reconfigured i3 is “a mobility experience tailored entirely to the passenger’s individual needs”. The driver seat and dash have not been changed from the original i3 version, however, the front passenger seat has been removed, as has the rear bench, to make way for a solo armchair-style passenger seat. This comes complete with a wooden desk, desk lamp and storage tray, and in place of the front passenger seat is a curved footrest for ultimate passenger luxury. During the CES 2020 show this week, a number of i3 Urban Suites will provide chauffeur-driven shuttle service around Las Vegas to prove that luxury travel can even come in the form of a compact hatchback.

Crazy Future Cars







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