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Top cars that beat London congestion charges

Beat London congestion charge

Planning a trip to the capital? Perhaps you’re visiting friends or family for a weekend, or maybe you’re just passing through on business. Either way, you’ll need to factor in the London Congestion Charge if you’re taking a car… If your car emits over 75g/km of CO2 then there’s no escaping a fee that will Read More →

Petrol vs. electric car: Which is better?

As an increased selection of affordable electric cars pull into the market, motorists are beginning to consider switching fuel type. But is the investment really worth it? It’s generally accepted that electric cars are more expensive to buy, but with petrol prices consistently above the £1 per litre mark that cost could make it worth Read More →

Top 3 car fuels of the future

Climate change is now more important than ever, and the amount of cars on the road plays a major factor in reducing this destructing process. Philip Gomm, from the RAC Foundation said, ‘Over the past 20 years, the rise in the number of cars on the road in Britain has been relentless, going up from Read More →

Would an electric car save you money?

The increased functionality of electric cars has seen their popularity in the UK surge over the past few years. As environmental issues are pushed to the fore by increasing climate change, many conscientious motorists are making the switch to all electric or hybrid cars. Their positive impact on the environment is proven by their non-existent Read More →

What’s it like to own an electric car?

With a significant growth in the amount of electric vehicles registered in the UK, we thought we’d let you know exactly what it’s like to have your own EV – so you can decide whether you want to join the 25,000 users already on the roads. From driving and running one to accessible charging points, Read More →

5 things to consider before buying an electric car

We’ve come a long way from the first petrol fuelled car. With the popular Toyota Prius hybrid bridging the gap, and now big names like Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi offering fully electric cars, it’s no surprise that brands like Tesla – who are dedicated to providing you solely with electric vehicles – are now thriving. Read More →

How To Find A Cheap Electric Car

There are over 4,000 electric cars on the road in Britain alone. Though we are a little less than three quarters of the way through 2013, this figure is expected to rise to around 6,000 before next year rolls around. 4,000 electric cars! This is something that most of those living in the United Kingdom Read More →

Is the Future Bright for the Electric Car in the UK?

  The Electric Vision In 1997 the electric car was somewhat of a utopian concept in the UK; the stuff of science fiction or playthings of the rich and extravagant. Then the Toyota Prius came along and began to chip away at the prevailing assumptions. Toyota’s hybrid offered a sort of bridge between two worlds; Read More →

Technology is advancing all the time

In the past electric cars were seen as being futuristic or science fiction, however, in 1997 Toyota launched their hybrid electric car, the Toyota Prius. The Prius became quite trendy particularly with film stars in California. This boost in popularity made the car a common occurrence on the road. Other car manufacturers were a bit Read More →

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