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Electric Cars 2020

Electric Cars 2020

Sales of electric cars more than doubled in 2019 and despite the disruption that Covid-19 has brought to the market, we expect that the popularity of these vehicles will continue to rise. Gone are the days of limited choice in makes and models. Manufacturers have worked hard to bring a wide array of EV’s to Read More →

Geneva Motor Show 2020

2020 Geneva Motor Show

It was a sad day for motor enthusiasts and experts alike when news hit that the 2020 Geneva Motor Show would be cancelled. Event organisers had initially insisted that the historic show would go ahead, but due to concerns over Covid-19 and the rapid spread of the coronavirus throughout Europe, a Swiss ban on all Read More →

Wireless Electric Car Charging Trial To Begin In UK This Spring

Wireless Electric Car Charging Trial To Begin In UK This Spring

One of the biggest concerns over electric vehicles has always been the lack of charging infrastructure. While the number of public charging stations is increasing, car owners want the practicality and convenience of home charging points. Yet, for many homes such as flats or terrace houses, this is simply not possible and therefore an EV Read More →

Crazy Future Cars To Look Out For

Future Crazy Cars

It’s hard to imagine what the next decade of car manufacturing will bring given the huge advances we’ve seen in a relatively short period. However, if these recent concepts are a sign of what’s to come, we think we’re in for some outrageously crazy future cars. Due to the growing concern over emissions we’ve witnessed Read More →

Affordable Electric Cars

For many driver’s price is a big factor in holding off on purchasing an EV. While the charging infrastructure finally begins to grow and the environmental benefits are encouraging, many still can’t get past the price tag to make an electric car feasible. The battery makes up a large portion of the overall electric vehicle cost and Read More →

Everything you need to know about driverless cars

Everything you need to know about driverless cars

You’d be forgiven for feeling confused about where we are currently at with self-driving vehicles. These cars and the technology needed are in a constant state of development, meaning blink and you might just miss the latest news. So here is a what’s what, quick guide on everything you need to know about driverless cars.  Read More →

The pros and cons of electric cars

The pros and cons of electric cars

Like the idea of getting an electric car but you’re unsure whether it would fit into your lifestyle? Don’t worry! We’ve outlined both the pros and the cons of electric cars, so you can make a balanced decision. The pros of electric cars No more fuel! Say goodbye to buying fuel is surely the best Read More →

Top cars that beat London congestion charges

Beat London congestion charge

Planning a trip to the capital? Perhaps you’re visiting friends or family for a weekend, or maybe you’re just passing through on business. Either way, you’ll need to factor in the London Congestion Charge if you’re taking a car… If your car emits over 75g/km of CO2 then there’s no escaping a fee that will Read More →

Top 3 car fuels of the future

Climate change is now more important than ever, and the amount of cars on the road plays a major factor in reducing this destructing process. Philip Gomm, from the RAC Foundation said, ‘Over the past 20 years, the rise in the number of cars on the road in Britain has been relentless, going up from Read More →

Would an electric car save you money?

The increased functionality of electric cars has seen their popularity in the UK surge over the past few years. As environmental issues are pushed to the fore by increasing climate change, many conscientious motorists are making the switch to all electric or hybrid cars. Their positive impact on the environment is proven by their non-existent Read More →

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