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44% of fleets only check their tyres quarterly


A survey conducted by WheelRight and Fleet News has found that nearly half of all fleets surveyed only check their tyres on a quarterly basis.

Results also discovered that almost a third of fleet managers do not know how often its drivers are checking tyres on their fleet vehicles.

The most common reason for fleet drivers not inspecting their tyres included lack of time.

WheelRight CEO, John Catling, said he was shocked by the results of the survey, clearly surprised by the lack of interest fleet managers appeared to show in the roadworthiness of their fleets.

Catling added: “There are many tyre-related breakdowns and accidents in the UK, so this is a serious issue. Checking tyres should be a top priority, but it is clearly not being given the attention it warrants.”

There are many benefits to ensuring vehicles have the right tyre pressure – incorrect tyre pressure can reduce vehicle stability and diminish vehicle braking, which can ultimately lead to fatal accidents.

To increase the number of fleets checking their tyre pressure frequently, WheelRight suggest that fleet managers should consider investing in new technologies to simplify the process.

Launched in 2013, WheelRight’s tyre pressure monitoring solution enables fleets to test tyre pressure daily. The tool features a sensor pad which fleet vehicles drive over, instantly allowing tyre pressure, vehicle weight and axel load to be recorded and sent to a mobile phone.

Discussing WheelRight’s monitoring tool, Catling said: “Our solution is already being taken on board by many fleet companies, as well as other transport businesses.”

It is recommended that tyres are checked on a monthly basis at least.

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