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4 seater convertible cars for every budget

At We Want Any Car, we’ve found six affordable 4 seater convertibles in three different price brackets to suit an array of budgets. So, if you’re thinking of making the switch to a convertible, keep on reading for our top buys.

Best new convertible cars under £25,000

If you’re looking for an affordable 4 seater convertible and have a maximum budget of £25,000, then there are a number of convertible vehicles for you to choose from. Mid-range convertible cars provide a stylish solution for would be convertible car owners at a relatively low price compared to other high end convertibles on the market. With brands like Audi and Vauxhall both offering models in this section, there are varied options available.

Audi A3 Cabriolet

Though often perceived as being high-end, Audi have created a more affordable mid-range convertible in the A3 Cabriolet. With a strong engine and comfortable suspension and handling, it makes for a pleasant drive wherever you take it. With a user friendly dashboard too, you won’t have to worry about focussing on any technicalities – so you can just enjoy the drive. Room in the back is limited, however.

Audi A3 Cabriolet - SMADEMEDIA.COM MediaGalleria

Photo credit: SMADE|MEDIA Galleria via Flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

Price: Starting from £24,497

Vauxhall Cascada

The second mid-range convertible car in our list may come as a surprise in this category, but the Vauxhall Cascada offers a practical and fun option to the convertible enthusiast. The soft top convertible offers a reasonable amount of boot space as well as spacious back seats for your passengers. With a whole host of features designed to make driving as safe and enjoyable as possible, too – it’s a reliable car with the right balance between fun and functionality.

Price: Starting from £24,395

Best new convertible cars under £16,000

If mid-range vehicles are slightly out of your budget, there are also 4 seater convertibles available at more affordable prices. 4 seater convertibles under the £16,000 mark are rare, but can still offer you everything you’re looking for. Both the convertible cars on offer in this section are hatchback cabriolets.

MINI Cooper Cabriolet

The MINI cooper has been a popular choice for decades. With the recent redesign comes a stylish new convertible, combining classic MINI features with a soft top for an excellent value convertible hatchback. Available in both diesel and petrol variants with a range of engine sizes, the MINI offers a small, affordable solution for convertible enthusiasts. Again, the back seats are very limited when it comes to offering space.

Price: Starting from £15,795

MINI Cooper S Cabrio * Open

Photo credit: Tim Wang via Flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

Citroen DS3 Cabriolet

Also a hatchback, the Citroen DS3 is an unlikely contender in the convertible race due to its unique roof design. The soft top rolls back more like a sun roof than a convertible, but still offers you all the open air you need without compromise. The construction of the vehicle actually offers more boot space and less wind noise than most convertible cars – and so is a welcome alternative. With spacious leg room too, it is a different but very affordable option for those looking for a new convertible car.

Price: Starting from £15,045

Citroën DS3 Cabriolet – Frontansicht, 18. Mai 2013, Münster

Photo credit: M 93 via Flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

Used convertibles under £8,000

For those who want a convertible on a budget, used convertible cars can be a realistic option, as long as you don’t mind a few miles on the clock already. Used convertible cars can range in age and condition, but as long as you look around for models that are still in good working order, you can find a real bargain.

Fiat 500C

The third small convertible car on our list, the Fiat 500 is similar in design to the Citroen DS3. With the 4 seater convertible only being introduced in 2009, used models can be found with a fairly low mileage and in great condition. The retractable soft top makes for an edgy redesign on the traditional Fiat 500, and offers a stylish and affordable take on the classic convertible.

Price: From £7,995

Fiat 500C

Photo credit: David Villarreal Fernández via Flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 series has long been seen as a high end saloon, but if you’re willing to look around for a used model, you might be surprised at the bargains you can find. Prices are cheaper the older the vehicle, but that comes with higher mileage, too. That said, if you’re prepared to look around, 3 Series models that are less than 10 years old can still be found in very good condition, and with relatively low mileage. The spacious and stylish 3 Series is a perfect choice for those looking for great value used convertibles.

Price: From £4,999

Starting from £25,000 and dropping all the way down to less than £5,000, 4 seater convertibles are much more affordable than you may have first thought, and come in a range of different shapes and sizes. So, which one is your favourite?

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