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Car & driving jokes

Car and driving jokes

We’ve heard a lot of car and driving jokes over the years so we thought we’d share some of the best… and worst! Feel free to share your favourite with us.   A lorry has just overturned on the M6 loaded with Vicks vapour rub. Police have said there will be no congestion for eight Read More →

6 crazy ways people customise their cars

Crazy ways people customise their cars

You know when people have kids and they suddenly feel the need to dress them up in silly outfits? Well, apparently there are others out there who like to put their cars through the same embarrassment. We just can’t understand why drivers feel the need to ‘pimp their rides’ like this… 1. Eye lashes This Read More →

Acts of kindness on the road that will inspire you to be a nicer driver

Random Acts of Kindness on the road

Guess what folks… it’s Random Acts of Kindness Week! SO, in the spirit of this heart-warming time of year – here are just some of our favourite examples of UNBELIEVABLY adorable moments of generosity that are sure to restore your faith in humanity… When these guys decided to treat everyone to a drive-through… When this Read More →

Do you match one of these driving personalities?

Your driving personality

The world of driving is varied and complex, and the many species of driver that roam our roads are no exception. Everyone has a different battle plan in mind before they hit the highway, and we’ve all adopted different approaches to dealing with difficult driving situations. Perhaps you’ll fit one of these types, perhaps you’ll Read More →

50 things we all think when driving

Things we all think when driving

From the comical, to the outrageous, to the downright sinister. There are A LOT of thoughts and emotions that are channeled when you’re on the road. SO, with that in mind – we’ve compiled a shockingly accurate (if we do say so ourselves) list of 50 things that go through the mind of a driver. Read More →

Top five most annoying passengers

Annoying car passengers

In an ideal world, our passengers would make life on the road that little bit more fun. Someone to have the banter with, Maverick and Goose style. However, more often than not, our ‘wingmen’ seem to find it easier to irritate, rather than entertain us… So we made a list of what we think are Read More →

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