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Win £100 worth of high street vouchers

Would you like to WIN £100 worth of high street vouchers, courtesy of wewantanycar.com? Love2shop vouchers can be spent at over 20,000 high street stores including Argos, Boots, Debenhams, Toys ‘R’ Us, House of Fraser, River Island, New Look and Waterstones, plus restaurants, attractions and more… For a full list of stores and restrictions click Read More →

How car keys will soon be controlling your life

Just how valuable are your car keys? If you could put a price tag on the value of your keys would it be £50? £100? Maybe even £1000? Losing your keys is a complete headache that prevents you from being able to drive your car, however lose your car keys in five years’ time and Read More →

It has been an up and down summer for Glasgow motorists

The end of summer is near and the city of Glasgow has seen it all in terms of motoring news being on the end of some potentially ground-breaking improvements, bad stories and some lighter news at both ends of the spectrum. Here are some snippets of the breaking news that has affected motorists in the Read More →

How LED Traffic Lights Are Making Our Roads Safer

The world of lighting has changed over the years, and dramatically; from burning incandescent filaments (traditional light bulbs) to compact fluorescents (CFLs) to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs have been used for decades for everything from aviation, to science, to the automotive industry, but only recently have they become widely available as energy-efficient and safe replacements Read More →

Are You Finally Ready for a Convertible?

It’s the time that comes in nearly everybody’s life, when you seriously consider buying a convertible, except this time you now actually have the money to do so! Are you fulfilling a need you’ve had ever since you first laid eyes on your sporty soft-top of choice, or are you simply determined to meet that Read More →

Are truly prestigious cars a thing of the past?

It is always a sad time when you come to the end of an era, especially when you fondly look back on the great times, knowing that you will never see their ilk again. In our last blog we discussed some of the prestigious cars that have passed through our hands over the years and Read More →

The most prestigious cars sold at wewantanycar.com

As a professional car buying service you’d expect us to only think in terms of what a car is worth, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single member of our team is a car lover with petrol running through their veins. That’s why when we get the opportunity to buy a rare Read More →

Volvo’s pedestrian airbag explained

The new Volvo V40 has just posted the highest ever Euro NCAP crash test result , thanks in part to the world’s first pedestrian airbag. We’ve been to the company’s headquarters in Sweden to find out how the system works. How does it work? The new airbag is designed to protect pedestrians from injury at collision Read More →

Death of the spare tyre

Just like the in-car cassette player, winding windows and car alarms that beeped when you pressed the key fob, the spare tyre could be no more. Although many car owners might not like the lack of a spare in many modern cars – tyre manufacturers’ evidence suggests that our quality of life could actually be better without them. According to Read More →

Should the speed limit be raised?

The current speed limit of 70mph was only ever meant as a temporary measure and originally set in 1965. We are still using the same speed limit 47 years later, even though most modern cars have a much higher maximum speed. So does this 70mph limit represent a logical and useful speed limit for motorways and other major roads? The 70mph Read More →

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