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Government considering higher fines for speeding

Drivers breaking the 70mph limit on motorways could be hit with a fine as high as £10,000 under proposed plans that are being considered by the government.

And don’t think that you will get away with speeding on non-motorway roads either as magistrates will also be able to issue penalties of £4,000 for non-motorway speeding as well as fixing maximum fines for a range of offences including drink-driving, driving with defective tyres or brakes and using a phone at the wheel.

The move is designed to give magistrates’ courts greater power when dealing with a range of offences by raising the maximum financial penalties available. Fines imposed by magistrates for breaking the 70mph motorway limit are currently capped at £2,500, but may increase by up to 300% if the new legislation makes it past Parliament.

The huge rise in speeding fines will prove controversial with motoring groups concerned that drivers are already treated like a ‘cash cow’ by the authorities. The amount of fines collected hit an all-time high of £284million at the end of 2012/13.

Edmund King, of the AA, said he wondered if the stiffer penalties would make any difference because ‘for any driver, a £2,500 fine is a more than adequate deterrent’.

The Government paved the way for the huge increase, the first in more than two decades, when it passed new legislation in 2012.

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