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A complete guide to preparing your car for winter

Winter can make driving a bit trickier, especially with colder temperatures, icy roads and foggy weather. Car breakdowns double over the winter months and with the daylight hours getting shorter, no one wants to get caught out. So, we’ve put together a complete guide to help you prepare your car for the winter, just in time. Here Read More →

What does your car say about you?

Are you a Welsh business man who shops at Waitrose? Or a family-orientated woman in her 40s that enjoys playing golf and gardening? What car you drive could say a lot more about you than you realise. You might not fit the typical owner but there may be some similarities between you and our car Read More →

Our guide to understanding the different types of car insurance

Choosing car insurance can seem like a confusing and complicated decision, especially with all the different deals being offered at the moment. But don’t let the different options overwhelm you, with a good basic understanding of the different levels available, you’ll soon be able to figure out what type of car insurance will work best Read More →

The world’s fastest supercars in 2016

In the last 50 years’ production cars have come a long way, and not just in terms of appearance and technology, they’re also getting ever closer to the 300mph mark. There is a case for many of the top supercars to be named the world’s fastest, but it’s hard to choose a unanimous winner. We’ve Read More →

The best motorhomes and campervans for your needs

Caravanning doesn’t always sound like the most exciting holiday option but with the latest developments in motorhomes and campervans, the industry is really stepping it up a gear. Whether you’re looking for a quirky camper or a high-tech, versatile motorhome, we’ve picked out our favourite models to suit you whatever your needs. Practical family caravan Read More →

Our selection of the best cycle carriers for 2016

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors on a cycling trip with your friends and family. But it often means strapping bikes to your car and driving somewhere scenic. This doesn’t need to be a stressful experience if you choose the right equipment. Whether this is your first cycling holiday or you’re Read More →

Top satellite navigation systems for 2016

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to the English countryside, or a trip to Ikea, we’ve all known the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads. That desperate moment when that right-turn takes you straight into a one-way street is an unwelcome addition to any trip. But there is a simple way to aid any journey and that Read More →

Car leasing survival guide: The best car leasing deals and tips for 2016

Want a new car for 2016, but can’t afford to buy or finance one? Leasing might be right up your street as a budget way to ‘own’ a vehicle. The beauty of leasing is its flexibility, allowing you to get a deal that fits your needs.Want low initial payments? A deal that includes maintenance? Or Read More →

Crossover or 4×4? We help you decide

They may look similar, but they drive completely differently. In essence, that’s the biggest difference between a 4×4 and a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV). Designed to combine various features from both sports utility vehicles and passenger vehicles, Crossovers are growing in popularity. However, the 4×4 vs Crossover debate is one that many are still uncertain Read More →

A Guide to Mechanical Jargon: Understanding your local mechanic

Are you having trouble understanding what’s wrong with your car when you visit your mechanic? Listening to mechanical jargon at your local car garage can often be an overwhelming experience – not least because you’re spending most of the time trying to figure out exactly what the mechanic is trying to say rather than concentrating Read More →

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