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Highways England reveals top driving routes

A snap survey has revealed some of the top driving routes around England as voted for by motorists – does your favourite route get a mention?

Places coming in top include – perhaps unsurprisingly – the beautiful county of Cumbria, specifically the M6 deemed most popular due to its rugged scenery and rolling hills. Also at the top of the pile is the smooth journey along the M1 near Lutterworth – a market town in Leicestershire.

Other places making their mark on the list include the M5 near Bristol and the A1 in Northumberland.

These survey results come just before we’re set to enjoy another May bank holiday, with Highways England teams working hard to remove more than 700 miles of roadworks – this means around 97% of motorways will be roadwork-free in time for our holiday getaways.

According to research, almost half of all breakdowns are caused by simple mechanical problems which could be avoided if simple vehicle checks are taken before travel.

If you’re hoping to travel this May bank holiday, follow these five simple checks from Highways England:

Check fuel

Make sure you have enough to get to your destination

Check tyres

Check your tyre pressure and the condition of your tyres, including the spare. Look out for cuts or wear and make sure the tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, which is the legal limit.

Check engine oil

Use your dipstick to check oil before any long journey and top up if needed – take your car back to the garage if you’re topping up more than usual.

Check water

To ensure you have good visibility, always keep your screen wash topped up so you can clear debris or dirt off your windscreen.

Check your lights

If your indicators, hazard lights, headlights, fog lights, reverse lights or brake lights are not functioning properly, you are putting yourself at risk. In addition, light malfunctions can be a reason for your vehicle to fail its MOT.

Read the original piece here.

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