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How to change a tyre

Most drivers will experience a punctured tyre at some point during their driving career. If you can’t or don’t want to make use of a road rescue service, then you can do this yourself.

First of all you need to get the vehicle off the road and away from traffic so that you can work safely. If you have one, put on a hi-viz vest so that you can be seen. Make sure the handbrake is on and that you have parked the car on level ground. Place a rock or brick in front of the opposite wheel so that the car doesn’t roll. Remove your spare wheel, check that it is in good order, properly inflated and take out your tools.

If you have wheel locking nuts, loosen these and the other wheel nuts before you jack up the car. You will need to use the special wheel locking nut tool, don’t use anything else as you may damage these nuts and not be able to remove the wheel at all. You might find the other nuts to be stiff or tight and it will take a bit of effort to loosen them. Do Changing a tyretake care when doing this as you could damage your back or slip and fall. Once these nuts are loosened, use your jack to raise the car.

Most cars come with a jack and it is a good idea to check your owners’ handbook to find the correct placement for the jack. Use the jack to raise the car and remove all the nuts from the wheel. Lift the wheel off and replace with the spare wheel. Replace the lug nuts and then lower the car. Tighten all the nuts, make sure they are really tight and then the wheel locking nut.

Return your punctured wheel to the place it’s stowed and remember to have it repaired or replaced as soon as you can. Stow away your tools and then you are ready to roll.

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