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How to survive a long drive alone

Sometimes, taking a drive alone can be nice. It’s quiet, you can’t get into arguments over navigational mishaps, and you get to choose your pace and, most importantly, the music. But after a while, it can seem like a never-ending journey.

So whether you’ve got a long drive planned as part of work or you’re travelling up the country to visit friends, we’ve got some great tips to help you survive your long drive solo.

Tiredness can kill

We are starting off with a crucial point. As you know – you’ve probably seen the motorway signs – tiredness can kill. And although you might think your tiredness isn’t overwhelming or dangerous, it can escalate very quickly.

Just put yourself in another driver’s position. Would you want to be travelling on a motorway going 70mph with someone who was tired? The answer is probably a resounding ‘no’.

Even sleeping at the service station in your car or having a coffee – or both – can go a long way to potentially saving not only your life but someone else’s as well.

Start your journey prepared

You know you’re facing a long drive alone, so prepare for it. Make sure you pack snacks and drinks to avoid the inflated cost of service station supplies. Build a playlist filled with all the ballads you can sing along to, this will come in handy if you lose your favourite radio station on your drive.

It’s important to pre-pack an emergency kit, too. If you’re caught in traffic or stuck behind an accident closing the entire motorway, you need to be prepared. Stave off boredom with games and keep warm with hand warmers and a blanket in case you turn your engine off. If you’re playing games on your phone, be sure to packet a portable phone charger.

Plan your route

Gone are the days of following printed maps but now we face a different kind of route planning. Make sure you’re all set with a quality sat nav. Mobile phone maps can be handy for short distances, and it might serve you well for this trip, but many users find their phone doesn’t always necessarily take them the quickest or the best way.

Investing in a quality sat nav device means you’ll eliminate the stressful element all drivers could do without, getting lost! If you are using your mobile phone as a sat nav – if your car enables it – keep it plugged in so you don’t rapidly deplete the battery. Remember, if you are using your mobile phone as a sat nav, it must be in a suitable hands-free holder.

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