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Hybrid cars are getting better

An environmentally friendly car which is carbon emissions free so as to reduce global warming has long been the dream for many. This is becoming a more urgent requirement thanks to the ever increasing price of petroleum fuels. There are cars which are fuelled by hydrogen or other alternative fuels but these are still developing and then there are the hybrids which combine combustion engines with electric power. These are improving all the time and are becoming more efficient and as they do not require too many adaptations, are widely available.

Hybrid technology means that using the engine that works with petrol can be reduced with the power requirements being taken over by the batteries which power the electric part of the engine. Hybrid cars have been designed to work in the most efficient manner and with the minimum energy. The overall weight of the car is reduced due Hybrid carto the smaller engine size which in turn means that the car requires less energy to run. The body of these cars are designed to be more aerodynamic which reduces air friction and thus increases fuel economy.

With all the new advanced technology, it’s no surprise that hybrid cars are more expensive than a traditional petrol car of a similar model. You will have to spend more to buy a hybrid car but the initial cost is soon cancelled out as you are not using so much fuel and there is tax relief as well. These vehicles are very popular in urban settings where the electric engine takes over more often. This is great news for those wishing to cut costs and emissions.

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