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Keeping calm at the wheel: 6 tips to combat road rage

Whether you get angry in rush hour or struggle to contain your temper when someone cuts you off – it’s important that you can calm yourself when in charge of a vehicle. One wrong move and you could cause a serious accident – putting both yourself and other road users in danger.

If you’re in need of some rage cooling tips, check out our six below.

Keeping safe should be your first thought

Wherever you’re driving, on a B road, an A road or even a motorway – it’s important to prioritise the safety of yourself and other road users. Your mind should be focused solely on the road ahead and not on the driver who caused your road rage. You’ll probably never see them again, so it’s important you keep focused on your surroundings. If not, you’re putting others in danger.

Try taking a few deep breaths

Try and get back into a normal breathing pattern. Slow, deep breaths can help calm you down in the tensest of situations. It’s important you keep this under control otherwise your temper will continue to rise.

You’re in charge of a vehicle, you need to remember that.

Listen to music to reduce stress

Having music playing in your car can help you calm down and de-stress, according to Psych Central. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds. So, if you feel your stress levels rising while driving turn on the radio and sing along.

Try not to take it personally

Whoever cut you up, swore at you or just generally directed their anger toward you would have probably reacted that way regardless of the driver. It’s not personal, so try not to react as though it is. Try your best to stay polite and courteous. If you react with anger, you’ll only make the other driver angrier.

Stay alert and predictable

As you did when you first took a hazard perception test, it’s important to always think ahead – what could happen while you’re driving? If you’re driving and a lane next to you merges, other cars could push in without indicating etc. It’s important to try and predict scenarios in your head and stay alert. If you’re a considerate driver, you’ll instantly minimise your road rage.

Just accept the traffic

If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, there’s no way around it and you’re in the same boat as a lot of other busy people. Just accept you’re going to be later than you intended and listen to your music. It can be easy to get yourself worked up in these situations but getting angry won’t solve anything – it sadly doesn’t part traffic.

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