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MOT car check: What you need to know

As an owner of a vehicle, you’re responsible for ensuring its MOT certificate is valid. But do you know all there is to know, when it comes to MOTs? What are the legal facts surrounding MOTs? MOTs are legally required as they ensure the safety of you and other road users. If you drive a Read More →

Pre MOT Checklist

Before you take your vehicle for an MOT test, you can carry out some quick and easy checks to give your vehicle the best chance of passing first time. We’ve composed a basic pre MOT checklist, which will help you systematically check your vehicle for any faults which could potentially cause an MOT failure. Checks Read More →

When is my MOT due?

If you have ever wondered “when is my MOT due?”, here you can learn how to find your MOT due date on new and older vehicles. My car is new. When is my MOT due? You need to take your vehicle for an MOT test as soon as it’s 3 years old. Check your vehicle Read More →

The legal implications of driving without a valid MOT

Share this image on your site Please include attribution to https://www.wewantanycar.com/news with this graphic. For some reason unbeknown to law abiding citizens many drivers see indiscretions when driving as a lesser crime. That’s why the authorities have been doing some strong radio advertising around the fact that if you break the law on the road Read More →

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