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Discounted offers on brand new 65 plates

Good news for drivers looking for a new purchase – from 1 September, the brand new 65 plate models will be available across dealerships around the country. Not only will there be a wide variety of new models available with attractive introductory offers, but the previous 15 car registration plates may also see a healthy Read More →

Why buying a new car now could save you money

Published last month, the summer budget detailed further changes for motorists. Although the changes are designed to make a fairer, simpler system, some drivers might be better off selling their car now and buying a new one to avoid the changes that will come into place in the next couple of years. Here’s our breakdown Read More →

Motorexpo 2015: London’s biggest motor show!

With one of the world’s biggest car shows coming to London in just a month’s time, We Want Any Car brings you all you need to know about Motorexpo 2015 – from what you can expect to see at the show to all the important details you’ll need to know before attending. Motorexpo is the Read More →

How could motorists be affected by the general election 2015?

With the general election only a month away, we’re taking a look at what the four main political parties are proposing to the 30 million motorists in the UK. From stances on road repairs and the cost of fuel, to safety for young drivers and toll road changes, find out what each party has to Read More →

Is 2015 the year of the Flying Car?

Back in 1985 when Marty McFly took the time travelling DeLorean into the future, he arrived bang in the year that we find ourselves today – 2015. What greeted his arrival was all manner of futuristic technology from hover boards and robot dog walkers, to mind powered video games and flying cars. So how far Read More →

Secure the best price for your 4×4 this winter

At this time of year, when the British weather begins to take a turn for the worse, and motorists begin to recall how difficult their commute was in treacherous weather last year, the demand for 4×4 vehicles dramatically rises. So, if you’re looking to secure the best price for your 4×4 vehicle you should sell Read More →

What does the eradication of the tax disc mean for fleets?

From October 2014, drivers no longer need to display tax discs in their vehicles, saving an estimated £7m per annum. DVLA will now conduct tax enforcement using cameras with the ability to highlight number plates of vehicles without tax. Fleets will need to ensure they comply with this new system as those who have untaxed Read More →

44% of fleets only check their tyres quarterly

A survey conducted by WheelRight and Fleet News has found that nearly half of all fleets surveyed only check their tyres on a quarterly basis. Results also discovered that almost a third of fleet managers do not know how often its drivers are checking tyres on their fleet vehicles. The most common reason for fleet Read More →

Spectacular Daimler limo auctioned back to life

As the hammer came down to confirm the sale of the incredible Daimler limo at Goodwood Revival this weekend, its equally flamboyant creator and designer, Lady Docker (née Norah Turner) would have be thrilled to know that she had once again made headlines. Nouveau socialite, Lady Docker – or Naughty Nora as the press nicknamed her Read More →

Brake releases guide to improve roadworthiness of fleets

Brake’s guide ‘Maintenance and mechanics: how safe are your vehicles?’ includes some easy but essential steps which fleet managers can implement to keep their fleet roadworthy. Published through Brake’s Fleet Safety Forum, in conjunction with the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (RITE), the guide details the consequences of poorly maintained fleet vehicles. Discussing how lack Read More →

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