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Alloy wheels and low profile tyres look great

Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel wheels of the same size, they also have the advantage of being stronger than steel wheels giving a better feel and ride. The disadvantage is that if you hit a big pothole at speed, there is an increased risk of damage to the alloy wheel as they can Read More →

The Geneva Motor Show is only the beginning

The first Geneva Motor Show was held in 1905 and since then it has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious motor shows. The event takes place in March every year in the city of Geneva which makes it very convenient for visitors with easy access to the airport. This is the show where Read More →

Our cars are becoming ever more technical

Gone are the days of sticking your arm out of the window to indicate a left or right turn, motor cars have advanced so much and we now have ever more gadgets to ‘assist’ us in our daily lives that our gadgets can be integrated into our cars. Our cars are more technical than ever, Read More →

Your vehicle must be taxed

In the UK there are 3 things your car must have before you can take it on the road. First, your car, if it is more than 3 years old, must have a valid MOT certificate, your car must have insurance and finally, your car needs a Vehicle Excise Duty disc which must be displayed Read More →

Preparing your car for Sale

When you feel it is time to sell your car there are a few things to consider, firstly you need to find out how much your car is actually worth. There are a variety of sources you can turn to, including magazines, local newspapers, websites – such as Autotrader and also sites that offer free valuation guides Read More →

Fuel Prices

The price of fuel was one of the hottest topics for motorists during 2011, with what seemed like the ever rising prices. At the moment 2012 doesn’t look like it will be any different. Data from The Energy Institute shows that in November 1991, average petrol prices were 46.55ppl, and diesel prices were 46.07ppl. By Read More →

Changes to MOT in 2012

New checks will ensure cars have fully functional safety systems before being deemed roadworthy. Don’t panic is the message from the motor industry to car owners, as the Government prepares to add checks on safety systems, including electronic stability control (ESC) and airbags, to the MoT test. The advice comes after ‘over-dramatised’ reports that drivers Read More →

Used car prices set to fall

With the recent prognosis for the economy being rather bleak used car prices have been forecast to drop off dramatically. It has been reported that in the last quarter of 2011 used car values will drop by at least 6 per cent, possibly even as far as 10 per cent. So if you are thinking Read More →

Higher Speed Limits?

A recent poll by Auto Express has revealed that one of the motoring laws that bugs drivers the most, is the outdated speed limits. Drivers polled have asked for an increase to the motorway speed to 80mph. Would an increase be a good thing? Or would this just encourage drivers to speed at a higher rate? Read More →

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