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NSPCC warn against dangerous ‘Kiki challenge’ while driving

Police and child protection charity NSPCC have both warned parents and young drivers against taking part in the latest dangerous craze dubbed the ‘Kiki challenge’. The challenge includes participants exiting a moving vehicle through the passenger door to complete a dance routine to the song called In My Feelings by Drake. The challenge is not only putting those carrying out the challenge at risk, it’s also a potentially dangerous situation for other road users.

The challenge is filmed, usually by the driver of the vehicle and posted online. Already there have been reports of many incidents around the world with one participant sustaining a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain, as reported by Sunday Times Driving.

Not only can the driver receive 6 penalty points and a £200 fine for using their mobile phone while driving, but if they’re a new driver (passed their test within the last two years) they will also lose their licence.

NSPCC’s head of child safety, Andy Burrows, said of the challenge:

“It’s common for children to want to join in with the latest trends they see only and to want to imitate celebrities but taking part in this challenge involves being helped by an adult or teenage driver to drive alongside and film. Given the clear risks involved, we’d urge parents and young drivers not to encourage this trend.”

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