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Our cars are becoming ever more technical

Gone are the days of sticking your arm out of the window to indicate a left or right turn, motor cars have advanced so much and we now have ever more gadgets to ‘assist’ us in our daily lives that our gadgets can be integrated into our cars. Our cars are more technical than ever, virtually all new cars have computers on board which give us all sorts of information and when there is a problem, they will ‘talk’ to the garage computer to help locate and fix the fault.

Many new cars no longer require a key to start, you just insert a card like object and press a button. Cigarette lighters are still present even though smoking is now frowned upon and they have many uses, they can be used to charge mobile devices, you can keep food hot or cold in cool boxes that plug into the cigarette lighter and your passengers can play with their portable games consoles, to name but a few. Bluetooth has been quite an innovation, allowing us to use our mobile phones via hands free devices, pretty much where ever we go. Car navigation systems can be the bane of our lives, directing us to dead ends or where roads don’t exist, however, they can be extremely efficient in getting us to our destinations by the best route. MP3 players enable us to play our favourite tunes and we can also have docking stations for our iPods.

As technology and our cars advance, we must be careful not to become too dependent upon such technology and take time to enjoy the simple things in life, in other words take some time to smell the roses.

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