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Road safety: Don’t be a SMIDSY

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is advising drivers to be more aware of more vulnerable road users. Often the excuse ‘Sorry mate, I didn’t see you’ is given after an accident and thus the acronym SMIDSY has been born. Whilst it is very important that motorists are always vigilant, other road users such as walkers, Read More →

Don’t get frustrated with roadworks

Switch the radio on in the morning and chances are, there will be a road traffic report. These reports give information on things like ongoing incidents, roadworks, accidents and diversions. Anyone trying to commute through areas where there are roadworks can be left feeling very frustrated due to delays. As well as fixing problems with Read More →

Alloy wheels and low profile tyres look great

Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel wheels of the same size, they also have the advantage of being stronger than steel wheels giving a better feel and ride. The disadvantage is that if you hit a big pothole at speed, there is an increased risk of damage to the alloy wheel as they can Read More →

Choose a used car that best suits your needs

It can be just as exciting to buy a second hand car as it is to buy a new one so it is a good idea to do some research before you begin. Remember that buying a car is quite an investment and you need to ensure you get value for money. You will probably Read More →

Hiring a van is easy

There are times when we all need a larger vehicle to transport large items around. There is no need to go and purchase a van when you can easily hire one for a very reasonable cost. Not only is this beneficial as there is little outlay but you will not have to maintain or tax Read More →

A few thoughts before you buy a car

Buying a car is not something you should do on a whim. It is always a good idea to make careful consideration before choosing the right one, after all, you will have to live with this decision for perhaps a considerable amount of time. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a new car Read More →

Technology is advancing all the time

In the past electric cars were seen as being futuristic or science fiction, however, in 1997 Toyota launched their hybrid electric car, the Toyota Prius. The Prius became quite trendy particularly with film stars in California. This boost in popularity made the car a common occurrence on the road. Other car manufacturers were a bit Read More →

The World Rallying Championship can be as exciting as F1

The World Rally Championship was first launched in 1973 and has grown in stature since then. The championship is operated by the FIA and is run over 13 different venues which vary in terrain from tarmac to gravel to ice. As with Formula 1, there are 2 championships, one for drivers and one for car Read More →

The Geneva Motor Show is only the beginning

The first Geneva Motor Show was held in 1905 and since then it has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious motor shows. The event takes place in March every year in the city of Geneva which makes it very convenient for visitors with easy access to the airport. This is the show where Read More →

Formula 1 is very popular around the world

One of the best known motor sports is Formula 1, frequently called Grand Prix. To those in the know it is known as F1. The title Formula 1 refers to the rules, or “formula” that vehicles and participants must comply with. It is these rigorous guidelines that make Formula 1 one of the most exiting Read More →

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