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Preparing your car for Sale

Preparing your car for sale

When you feel it is time to sell your car there are a few things to consider, firstly you need to find out how much your car is actually worth.

There are a variety of sources you can turn to, including magazines, local newspapers, websites – such as Autotrader and also sites that offer free valuation guides such as Parkers Guide and or What?Car. Using these sources should give you a good idea of how much similar vehicles are selling for, but are really just to be used as a reference point as the Used Car Market can change weekly and these are monthly publications.

The next thing to consider is how to sell your car. Do you opt for selling privately or trade it in against a new one?  Trading in (part exchanging) is only an option if you are looking for a new car and selling privately is reliant on potential buyers viewing you advert, coming to your house and then not wasting your time.

However you sell your car it is important to get your car looking as good as possible inside and out.

Below is a brief check list of things to do/consider

  • Repair any damaged trim
  • Check the oil level and top it up if needed
  • Fill all water and coolant vessels
  • Replace any worn or damaged tyres and check the tyre pressures

Give the bodywork a wash and remove watermarks with a chamois leather cloth. Alloy wheel cleaner helps remove stubborn dirt from wheels and it’s a good idea to replace damaged wheel trims.

A clean interior is as important as sparkling bodywork. Make sure you:

  • Vacuum the carpets, mats and seats – the Motor trade will downgrade a car for dog and or cigarette smells
  • Empty the ash trays
  • Remove rubbish from the boot and glovebox
  • Wipe the dashboard and trim panels
  • Clean glass with a window cleaner and damp chamois

Buyers will also want to see the car’s history, so gather it all together and put it in a folder. (Don’t forget to remove any credit card receipts.) This should include

  • The V5C registration document (logbook)
  • Service history – receipts and service book
  • MOT certificates
  • Spare Keys
  • Warranty documents
  • The car’s handbook

With you car looking good and all your documents in order, it should make the whole selling process easier and smoother.

An alternative to part exchanging or selling privately is wewantanycar.com, especially if your vehicle has outstanding finance. We Want Any Car will buy any car and transfer the money into your bank account, and we also have home inspection and collection service available.

So for a free valuation today go to wewantanycar.com.


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1 thought on “Preparing your car for Sale”

  1. Graham Baylis says:

    Some very useful tips here, be good to see some more information on what sorts of cars are best to buy (once you have managed to sell your old one) as I bet that some hold their value more than others.

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