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Secure the best price for your 4×4 this winter

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At this time of year, when the British weather begins to take a turn for the worse, and motorists begin to recall how difficult their commute was in treacherous weather last year, the demand for 4×4 vehicles dramatically rises. So, if you’re looking to secure the best price for your 4×4 vehicle you should sell it during winter – at a time when 4 wheel drive vehicles are needed most, and used 4×4 prices are at their peak.

4×4 winter performance

So, why do 4 wheel drive cars perform so well in winter? Well, 4×4 vehicles feature drivetrains that send a twisting force from the engine to all of the wheels. This means that the front and back drive shafts will be locked when used, which will dramatically improve handling of the car as well as traction on the road.
When it comes to AWD (all-wheel drive), the handling is still excellent but achieved in a slightly different way. A computer reads the speed and traction of each wheel, and will subsequently send the power to the wheels that aren’t slipping. The AWD system will also feature a differential between the front and back drive shafts; this will push up the cost of the car, but ensures excellent handling.

Ultimately 4 wheel drive cars offer the best traction for driving in tough winter conditions, which is why 4×4 car sales are at their peak around this time of year.

Best and worst times to sell a 4×4

Is there ever a “right time” to sell your vehicle? Of course! It’s only natural that motorists should move towards buying a sportier car in the warmer months and a harder-wearing model in the winter. Some buyers may even use the changing seasons as a guide to buy and sell their vehicles at the best price possible.

The facts back this up- according to leading global vehicle remarketing organisation, Manheim, 4×4 cars considerably increase in price as the year goes on. Looking at the figures month on month, 4 wheel drive cars showed an average price increase of £733 or 11.3%, from September 2014 and as the winter weather starts to take hold, 4×4 values are set to climb further. Despite this motorists will still want to invest in a 4 wheel drive vehicle that they can rely on in the winter months.

Daren Wiseman from Manheim claims that the warm conditions we have had in October have correlated to a slow start in 4×4 value increase. However, as the weather gets colder, he anticipates 4×4 values will increase dramatically. As a guide, this information means that 4x4’s will always produce an excellent return for the seller in winter but not for those looking to invest in a 4×4. The hunt for a bargain vehicle very much depends on the time of year, as well as all of the other factors you would expect to take into account, like age and mileage. If you’re looking to sell a convertible in the winter, you’re not going to get the price you want, whereas a 4×4 sale in the depths of winter is the perfect time to reap the benefits of motorists’ seasonal needs.

There is an additional factor to take into account – the times of the year when registration plate change comes into play. As there are very few car sales before the March and September registration plate changes, it is always worth checking out dealers after this period to see what they are trying to quickly get rid of!

So if you’re thinking of putting up your 4×4 for sale this year, now is the time to do it, just before the snow falls!

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