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Should you buy a petrol or diesel car in 2016?

Petrol or diesel car?
Car manufacturers are getting much more advanced, meaning both diesel and petrol engines are running smoother and more efficiently than ever before. So with an even playing field, which engine should you go for with your next car purchase? This debate is always a tough one. It’s hard to provide a straight forward answer, so here’s a detailed one instead.

Here are the factors you should consider when comparing petrol and diesel engines:

Which fuel prices are cheaper?

Although fuel prices have dropped, petrol still remains better for your pocket at face value. But, when you dig a bit deeper is it really? Motor industry experts have actually suggested that diesel lasts longer, particular for longer distances.

We suggest if you are going to be going longer distances; a diesel car is probably suited to you. But if you are only using the car for quick journeys and the monthly food shop, then a petrol car is a better option. So when purchasing you may want to consider your average mileage per year, as this will affect your choice between the opposing engines.

Does the car depreciation between petrol and diesel vary?

It is a well-known fact that petrol cars are more affordable compared to diesel cars. The average model can be at £1,000 cheaper than a vehicle with a diesel engine. But the cookie crumbles when you have to consider the depreciation of your car after a few years. Due to the efficiency of diesel cars, they generally tend to maintain their value for that much longer than their petrol counterparts.

What are the differences in Road Tax?

Diesel cars may attract the average environmental lover and reduce your road tax considerably, as they emit less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

But it’s not a definite diesel win here, it still varies. Websites such as direct.gov.uk can help you calculate which band you fall under, so you’ll know roughly how much you would spend per year with your preferred model.

Which fuel engine is better for your car insurance?

When you check your insurance quotes, you may find that diesel cars work out more expensive. This is because an advanced diesel engine is far more complicated to repair in the event of a collision.

www.moneysupermarket.com is a good point of reference comparing car insurance costs!

Do the prices range for car servicing?

When going through the petrol vs. diesel debate you have to take into consideration how often you’ll need to service your car. Unlike petrol models, diesel cars are more efficient, so do not require as much attention, but when they do, the cost can be considerably more.

Verdict – How do you work out the right fuel engine for you?

There really is no right or wrong move to make when choosing between a petrol or diesel car. The most important thing to do is to carry out enough research before you make a choice. Identify what requirements you need, so you don’t end up regretting your decision.

If you want to look further into this never ending debate check out www.whatcar.com/truempg where you can compare the specific model you are interested in.


Image: https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2010/12/13/10/22/fuel-2741_960_720.jpg

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