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Valentine’s Day – show a little love for your car

If anyone deserves to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day – it’s your car.

Think about it… They carry us everywhere, put up with your screech- we mean…singing on the road and literally take a beating whenever you decide to channel your rage into the horn.

So keep the wheels of love turning and show a little appreciation for the car in your life…

Worship that body

Never underestimate what the power of a little TLC can do for you and your car. It’s been a tough winter and your poor old car has had to put up with some pretty rough conditions – and is probably looking a little haggard as a result.

So, make it feel beautiful this Valentine’s Day with a luxury body cleanse. Aside from your average Joe wash and wax, go a little further and tend to the things you may have neglected. Maybe there are scratches, dents or faded paintwork on the exterior that you can see too?

Keep some treats in the g-love box

If you’re truly devoted to caring for your car, it’s important to remember that love comes from within… so look after your interior!

Do you have kids? Then keep travel wipes or napkins in the glove box and protect that interior from sticky fingers and unexpected spillages. Got a pet? Have a lint roller on hand to pick up all that fur and dirt.

Show that you ‘wheelie’ love it

Give your car the proper once over and take the opportunity to check and adjust…

Tyre Pressure – As a car owner, any relationship with your vehicle is going to come with its own set of pressures…tyre pressures that is (see what we did there?).

So check the requirements and make sure all your tyres match up. If not, don’t panic. Just follow our guide Tyre Pressure: The Essential Guide.

Tread depth – If your tyres are below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre, then you’ll need to treat your ride to some new wheels. You can find out how to check this with All you need to know about all-season tyres.

Alloy refurb – AND if you want to make your car feel truly fabulous – make those alloys sparkle! Book your car in for an alloy refurb to get rid of any ugly scratches and buffed up to an almighty shine. After that, the two of you will be ready to take on the tarmac in style.

If you feel the need, introduce a third party…

If you and your car have been experiencing some troubles, don’t try and navigate through them alone. Imagine your trusted local mechanic is a counsellor, and he’s just waiting to fix your problems!

If you notice any niggles or malfunctions that have started to affect your car’s driving performance, don’t ignore them. Go to your nearest and get them checked out!

Read the signs

Sometimes our beloved cars might be suffering, but they just don’t know how to communicate this. This means it’s up to you to take control and look for the hidden problems.

You and your car both share the burdens of road travel, and if there’s any wear and tear or technical faults – this will impact on your safety too.

Maybe the wiper blades are looking a little worn? Perhaps a brake light is out? Or maybe the headlights are looking a little on the dull side? Lights and wipers are crucial to safe driving, but they’re also items that wear and need to be checked and replaced regularly.

Take it from us – If you show a little love for your car now, you’ll avoid the heartbreak and unexpected cost of maintenance trouble further down the road.

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