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6 back-to-school tips for stress-free mornings

For many, this week signals the start of the new school year. Whether you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the kids are finally back-to-school, or you’re dreading the return of the morning school run, we have some great tips for you.

1. Prepare lunches the night before.

There’s nothing worse than a morning tantrum when you explain that you’ve run out of your child’s favourite food. And worse still? Having to come up with substitutes that you know won’t win the little ones around. At least if you realise that you’ve run out of certain items the night before you can do something about it. *Queue a late-night dash to the shop!*

A tip for the super organised out there: depending on what your children eat, you may be able to prepare packed lunches in batches ready for the whole week.

2. Lay school uniforms out in advance.

The less thinking that has to be done early in the morning, the better for all involved. If uniforms have been placed in an easy to spot place for kids, then they are more likely to get themselves dressed in the mornings. And when organising this the night before you’re also more likely to realise if a last-minute wash needs to be done!

A great hack for the winter, if you have your heating on in the mornings, is to place school uniform on the radiator the evening before. Your children will be able to put on warm clothes, keeping them warm and happy during their journey to school. And conveniently for you, the “it’s too cold to get out of bed” argument no longer applies!

3. Have a good night sleep.

Any parent will tell you that a well-rested child gets up easier in the morning and gets themselves ready with less fuss than a tired, grumpy kid. That goes for parents too!

4. Create organised stations.

Ensure all important things are easy to find for both parent and child. This might mean keeping your car keys and bag right by the door so that they’re easy to grab on the way out. Backpack and school shoe stations are a great idea too. Create a place to keep shoes and bags (hooks help keep this designated area tidy!) and teach your children to leave these items here when they come home from school so that they can be found in the same place the next morning. Nobody has time for the mystery of the shoe that goes missing overnight and is later found in the most bizarre of places.

5. Stay calm.

Does shouting and screaming really make the kids dress quicker or remember to brush their teeth?! The minute tempers flare, chaos ensues. Try switching TV for radio in the mornings to avoid distractions. Music is said to promote positivity and give energy, a happy morning routine = a happy day ahead.

6. Pick your route wisely.

Once in the car, it’s all on you to get the kids into school on time parents! Make sure you know the roads and the morning traffic to ensure you give yourself plenty of time. Making detours away from congested areas could actually help save time and ultimately make you feel less stressed.

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