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Technology is advancing all the time

In the past electric cars were seen as being futuristic or science fiction, however, in 1997 Toyota launched their hybrid electric car, the Toyota Prius. The Prius became quite toyota Priustrendy particularly with film stars in California. This boost in popularity made the car a common occurrence on the road. Other car manufacturers were a bit slow to join in but now most of them, including luxury brands such as Rolls Royce developing electric vehicles. As the technology develops and improves, we will surely see better efficiency and range.

The reason that fully electric cars are not mainstream, is that there have been several problems along the way, the biggest of which is the range. Most fully electric cars have only got a range of about 100 miles before the batteries need to be recharged and this can take about 12 hours to do. Not exactly convenient, however, government is trying to help by allowing access to charging points in various locations in cities. Obviously, these vehicles will not be suitable for a ‘road trip’ but they are great for getting around town. Another problem that has affected electric car sales is the noise or rather the lack of any. Electric vehicles are almost silent and this is a huge problem for the hard of hearing. A standard sound is to be developed to ensure that all electric vehicles sound the same.

There are advancements in battery technology all the time but for now, those of us who need to travel long distances but wish to reduce carbon emissions will need to make do with hybrid cars.

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