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The best car gadgets for festivals

Best car gadgets for festivals

Rain, shine, epic acts and more. Glorious Glastonbury is just a few weeks away, so we have put together a list of all the best festival accessories to see you through the iconic occasion. These days there’s no need to abandon all your home comforts when you’re camping or even just at a festival for the day. Whether it’s finding your car in the maze of other parked vehicles, restoring your iPhone from 1% battery or filling up on ‘home-cooked’ meals from the comfort of your car – we’ve got you covered.

Roadpro 12V Slow Cooker

Price: £41.52

It’s easy at festivals to eat lots of unhealthy food, thanks to the various fast food vans, but this doesn’t have to be your only option. With this Roadpro 12V Slow Cooker you can stick to a regular, balanced diet without the hassle of painstakingly cooking your meals on a camping stove. Simply plug it into your car’s 12V power socket to begin making meals you’d be proud to serve at a dinner party. The convenient size means it fits comfortably in your car’s foot well or passenger seat. It’s also going to save you time and effort on the washing up front too. What’s not to love?

Olixar Triple USB Super-Fast Car Charger

Price: £16.99

Festivals are a great opportunity to make the most of your camera phone. But your phone battery may have issues keeping up with you taking hundreds of pictures and sending them to all your friends. Your car’s power sockets are often in high demand, so we suggest trying the Olixar Triple USB Super-Fast Car Charger. It can charge three devices simultaneously and will restore your battery to full power faster than the average charger. You’ll be back to taking selfies with your friends in no time at all.

Kingavon Heated Car Blanket

Price: £17.84

Although sometimes you are lucky enough to have a hot, dry weekend away at a festival – remember this is the UK and you are much more likely to be caught in the rain, wind or a 10°C summers day. We’ve found a heated car blanket which can fix your cold camping dilemmas. You might not have a car with heated seats but you won’t need one with this Kingavon Heated Car Blanket. It has a 2.2 metre power cable that plugs into your car’s 12 V power socket to keep you warm even if the weather isn’t.

Handpresso Auto ESE Portable Espresso Maker

Price: £94.48

For those who can’t stomach a semi-warm instant coffee or need that extra kick after an inevitable late night, we have the answer. The Handpresso Auto ESE Portable Espresso Maker is easy to use and only requires cold water and an ESE coffee pod (available from coffee retailers and supermarkets). Its compact design is created with cars in mind and it provides that luxury espresso taste without the mess of ground coffee.

Black + Decker Thermo-Electric Travel Cool Box

Price: £79.00

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a hot and sunny summer festival in Britain, then there’s nothing better than a refreshing cold drink – and nothing worse than a warm fizzy one. The Black + Decker Thermo-Electric Travel Cool Box has a 9 litre food and drink capacity and is ideal for storing picnic lunches or cold beverages. There’s also an external storage compartment and two drink holders.

VuPoint 3 in 1 PinGo Smart Car Locator

Price: £25.00

At the end of a fun few days away the last thing you want to do is spend hours searching for your car. The VuPoint 3 in 1 PinGo Smart Car Locator links to your smartphone removing the hassle of finding your car. No longer will you be forced to listen out for the sound of your car unlocking with the remote control. It also lets you know if you’ve left your phone behind and has a built-in USB charging outlet.

With these great festival gadgets you are sure to have a good time, whatever the weather. Let us know if you try any of them out this summer or if you have used any before in the comments section below or on Twitter (@WeWantAnyCar).





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