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The importance of regular oil changes

Oil changes are an important part of vehicle maintenance. Modern cars are very efficient and have been engineered to give maximum performance. In order to enjoy that performance regular servicing is advisable. However, times are hard and people are having to make savings in every aspect of their lives with the result that regular servicing is put on hold. If you are having to make savings, one thing you should not stint on is the regular car oil change.

Your engine will benefit from the correct lubrication and it is something that is not expensive to have done – if you are unable or can’t do it yourself, visit your local garage and speak to the mechanic for a quote. If you do have your local garage do the oil change, they will dispose of the old oil properly and that is something you must also take into consideration, you must never just dump it or pour it down the drain. Your local council can give you guidance on disposal.

Another benefit of a car oil change is the removal of sludgy deposits. All engines produce sludge and motor oil is designed to suspend these particulates; however it can only do this for a certain amount of time. You need to change your oil filter as well, again, this is designed to capture particulates but can only do so for a finite amount of time.

The more mileage you do, the harder your engine has to work and the continued heating and cooling of the engine means that your oil begins to deteriorate and break down. This is why regular oil changes are so important to your vehicle maintenance schedule.

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