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The pros and cons of electric cars

Like the idea of getting an electric car but you’re unsure whether it would fit into your lifestyle? Don’t worry! We’ve outlined both the pros and the cons of electric cars, so you can make a balanced decision.

The pros of electric cars

No more fuel!

Say goodbye to buying fuel is surely the best benefit of all? All you need is an electricity port to charge up and off you go. And with over 5,600 locations around the UK (with new ones popping up all the time) the country is becoming more equipped for electric cars constantly.

You’re reducing your carbon footprint

Electric cars run on electric powered engines, so there will be no more toxic gas emitted from your car. Plus, there’s the personal satisfaction that you’re doing that little bit to keep the environment clean and green!

You’ll save money

No more watching your money drain away as you fill up on petrol or diesel. No more road tax. Imagine the money you’ll save. Electricity isn’t free, of course, but it’s a lot cheaper than running a petrol or diesel car – or even a hybrid.

Less noise pollution

When driving an electric car, you can notice the noise of the wheels and the wind more so than in a petrol or diesel car. This is because there’s no engine noise. The mild hum of the electricity is all the noise pollution you’ll get!

The cons of electric cars

Your area might not be equipped

Although there are charging points dotted around the UK, you might not be as near to one as you’d like to hope. It’s best to reach your area and check out the spots where you can charge your electric car.

They’re expensive to purchase

Electric cars are more expensive to buy than a regular petrol or diesel car.

A road trip will need some planning

If you were hoping to take this car for a long drive, perhaps a UK road trip, you’d have to plan out your route via charging stations. Although there are many stations as mentioned earlier, some drivers might not like having to think about this more than they would with a petrol or diesel car.

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