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The right cars to replace Santa’s sleigh

All businesses are busy around the festive season as they desperately scrabble to clear their desks and prepare for the New Year. One man who will be even busier is Santa as he stocks up his sleigh, readies his reindeer and contemplates his journey around the globe to deliver presents to each and every child. But what if his sleigh was broken, how would he transport all those gifts?

If he uncovers his Sleigh in his garage and finds that it is in bad shape or his reindeers come down with a bout of flu, then he will have to look for alternative forms of transportation. His options are limited as a plane is too noisy and expensive, trains are not suited to carry goods and boats don’t fair well on land. So his only viable choice would have to be a car, but he would not just have one vehicle as he would have to have a few to cope with all the differing terrains around the world as well as the different sizes of gifts, so here’s when different types of cars would be handy:


Just because it’s cold in Europe at Christmas it is the polar opposite on the other side of the world with the likes of Australia in the height of their summer during December. Santa deserves to have fun and with the clamber of technology he may not need that much space in the car for presents in certain areas. So, he can keep his winter suit on and just put down the roof to feel the wind in his beard and stay cool while delivering presents in hot climes in something like a fun-to-drive Mazda MX-5.

Estate cars and MPVs

Delivering presents around the world is a logistical nightmare and requires a practical and reliable as well as fast vehicle to navigate across vast distances in quick time. This is where multi-purpose-vehicles and estate cars come into their own as they have practicality and versatility at their heart, but the ability to cope with long hauls and still be exciting when necessary to keep Santa awake on a lengthy journey. One of the Ford MPVs, like an S-Max would be ideal or he could go upmarket with a German built estate to get the refinement, practical and great-driving experience.

SUVs and 4x4s

As Santa makes his way across treacherous terrain the only real option for him is to get behind the wheel of a consummate off-road SUV or 4×4. But when the path flattens out he may be seeking an SUV that can also be refined on tarmac. This puts him in the market for a Land Rover Discovery or a Range Rover, which are both impressive when the terrain gets awkward, but offer the space, refinement and power on the road that Santa would appreciate on his long journey.

City cars and Superminis

Santa has to go to every corner of the planet when bringing his festive joy to all children and that includes congested cities. His agenda has no time in it for sitting in endless traffic jams, so a small, nippy and reasonably spacious Supermini or city car would suit him when trying to negotiate busy streets instead of getting on the tube and potentially losing some of his gifts on the way. Something like a Fiat Panda has the small car credentials and the practicality of space to be ideal for Santa’s metropolitan jaunts.

It could be expensive for Santa to replace his Sleigh with a garage full of cars to cope with his day job, so let’s hope his original mode of transport is still in good condition.

The right cars to replace Santa's sleigh

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