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Volvo voted most-trusted brand for autonomous cars

When you think of self-driving cars brands that might come to the forefront of your mind include Tesla and Waymo, but would Volvo?

In a 2,520-respondent-strong survey conducted by DriveTribe Volvo pips the arguably more recognised self-driving car manufacturers to the post by quite a bit. With 51.1% of the vote, the Swedish manufacturer – whose brand has always placed consumer safety at the top of its list – has cast a shadow over its competition.

In response to the question ‘whose autonomous cars would you feel safest in?’ Tesla took second place with 20.3% of the vote and Audi came in third with 13.5%. Waymo only saw a sliver with a surprising 0.2%.

Jon Wakefield, Managing Director, Volvo Car UK, told DriveTribe:

“Autonomous drive and safety are intrinsically linked, and the technology has the potential to deliver the biggest improvement in automotive safety since Volvo Cars invented the three-point seat belt in 1959.

“Our recent call for a universal standard of future autonomous car communication, combined with our vision that no-one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo from 2020, shows that we are committed to the highest levels of safety for anyone using or interacting with our cars in the years ahead.”

Perhaps it is Volvo’s commitment to safety that ensures it says firmly at the top when it comes to trust, after all, with the recent collisions of many self-driving cars throughout their testing phase, it seems trust is a big factor when it comes to unfamiliar technology. Volvo’s vision of eradicating the possibility of death or serious injury in a new Volvo from 2020, is an ambitious one but one that if achieved, could perhaps cement their trustworthy position in the industry for many years to come.

Read the results from the DriveTribe survey here.

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