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What goes through your mind when you see these cars?

Just like the clothes you wear, the music you like and your favourite holiday destinations – the car you drive says a lot about who you are. Naturally every driver chooses their car based on what they want or need, which also tells you a little bit about them.

Here’s some of our observations – let us know yours in the comments below!


Likely a bit of a thrill seeker. These guys are all about the tech specs and sporty features. They LOVE their cars, and they’ll probably tell you this all the time. Are you a Mazda lover? Us too, and we’re excited to check out the new second-generation CX-5 on the UK market next month!

You need trust in your life and you want a car that won’t let you down. Something solid, that’ll get you to your destination without the fuss. It’s called ‘The People’s Car’ for a reason. There’s a model out there for everyone. Whether it’s a Polo to knock around town in or a GTI that adds a bit of sporting edge to your commute.

For family travellers there’s even the upcoming seven seater Tiguan Allspace, which we for one can’t wait to see!


Probably not someone who’s seeking compliments for their ride. This is more likely a driver who values the simple things in life – like easy peasy parking and getting from A to B in the city. Say goodbye to the woes of parallel parking, to struggling to weave into lanes on the motorway and being forced to give friends a lift.


Someone who loves a classic, appreciates timeless style and a super fun driving experience. If you want a car that truly reflects your personality then shoot on down to your nearest Mini dealership. Choose from a variety of vibrant colours, stripes, Union Jack’s, exterior and interior features that show the world that this car is yours. Mini actually claims that there are over 10 million different combos and that each of their cars is unique.

Mercedez Benz

You believe that you truly deserve the best, and therefore you should have a car that’s as classy and stylish as you are. These are the more seasoned and serious drivers. They don’t necessarily concern themselves with horsepower, but instead care more about an engine that purrs and gives them a sleek, smooth cruising experience when they head off to the Lake District on a mini break.

They like big boots and they cannot lie. Nothing says ‘oui oui’ like a French vehicle.


These guys value the finer things in life. They most likely dine out on weeknights, and they’ll probably opt to fly British Airways over EasyJet any day of the week. What matters most to the Audi driver is a car that says success and style without the arrogance. They don’t use their cars for cruising, they drive for the fun and enjoyment of it.


‘Safety first’ is a motto Volvo owners will often use. You want something trendy, but what you care about most is quality and a commute that keeps you safe and secure. Speaking of Volvo’s…take a look at the new XC60! Bold design and beautiful interior…what more could you ask for?


Modest, understated and reliable. Ford owners aren’t looking for something flashy, but they’re certainly looking for a car that will outlive them. You might see the humble Focus or Fiesta all over the roads on a day-to-day, but when something is that popular, there’s usually a reason why!

Like the all new Fiesta, for example. Contemporary, advanced technology and invaluable features – not to mention a whole range of personalisations to make the car your own. It’s a thumbs up from us!


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