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What is my car worth?

A man wondering what's my car worthSo it’s that time again, thoughts about a new car start creeping in. You maybe find yourself having a look around for something new, which means you’re going to have to sell your current car and the first thing that most people will ask is  ‘what is my car worth?’ You may also be wondering how best to value your car or where to find an expert who will value your car for free. The truth is that you may get a different value from everyone you go to for a quote; the value of your car is also dependent on whether you decide to part exchange at a used/new car dealer or sell privately.

Valuing your car

One option is to use a site such as Auto Trader and search for cars similar to yours to see how other people have priced their cars, this method can result in you feeling even more confused though as private sellers perceived value of their car can fluctuate massively. It is generally considered that selling your car privately will result in the best price, this may be true but there will most likely be a cost involved with advertising the car, extra hassle of dealing with possible time-wasters coming to ‘kick tyres’ and generally a much more lengthy process than selling to trade. Something else worth keeping in mind is that your car may be depreciating in value every day therefore you should value and sell your car as quickly as possible, which is exactly what WeWantAnyCar.com can help you with.

To value your car we use industry trade valuation guides and our valuation is reviewed and adjusted daily to truly reflect the current used car market so you can feel confident you are getting the best price.

There are many aspects involved in your car’s valuation and what your car is worth depends on factors you can’t change such as mileage, previous owners and age. But there are factors you have control over and taking care of some issues before selling can increase the value of your car.

What you can do to make your car worth more

Things you can do to increase the value of your car:

  • Clean your car thoroughly inside and outside.
  • If an MOT is running out, get a new one
  • Service your car, a full service history is one of the most important things when selling your car whether selling it to trade or privately.

At the end, your car will be worth more if you spend some time making it look good and get all your documents sorted before the sale. This will also make the car selling process much quicker and smoother.

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