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Why your diesel car will soon start costing you money

Do you drive a diesel car? If so, you could soon find yourself paying a fee of up to £20 a day!

It was unveiled by Environment Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, earlier this month that there is a plan to introduce ‘Toxin Tax’ in an attempt to crack down on air pollution. Up to 10 million cars in cities such as Leeds, Southampton, Derby and Nottingham could be affected as the plan sets out to either ban diesel cars, have daily charges for them entering busy areas, or a mixture of the two. If it goes ahead this plan could be implemented into 35 towns and cities across the UK.

However, you’re in luck if you drive a newer diesel car as these will reportedly be excluded, but full details of the ban or charges would essentially be down to each local council.

This announcement follows London’s mayor Sadiq Khan’s statement that polluting vehicles would have to pay a ‘toxicity charge’ to enter the capital, and whilst the plans to introduce a Toxin Tax wasn’t mentioned in the Spring Budget there are murmurs that it will be included in the Autumn one.

Others report that the Toxin Tax is just the beginning of cutting down on diesel cars, by 2020 The Guardian predicts that not only will you be charged for city driving, but the price of diesel at the pumps will have rocketed and that low-emission zones will have spread to small town suburbs too. This, of course, will ultimately affect the sales of diesel cars, but what do you do if you already own one? You only really have two choices – sell now for a fraction of the costs of what you paid, or carry on driving and be subject to the charges.

Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, urges people to think before purchasing a diesel car. He commented “I don’t think diesel is going to disappear but someone who is buying a car to drive around a busy city may think about buying a low-emission vehicle rather than a diesel.”





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