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Do You Buy Any Car?

We’re not called We Want Any Car for no reason, we mean it. Whether it’s brand new, or it’s seen better days, we’ll buy any car. However there are a few limitations to be considered first, so if you’re unsure about the condition of your vehicle and whether you can sell it to us, take a read of this short guide to find out.

Do we really buy any car?

Although we do have some minor limitations, we will buy your car regardless of:

  • Make or model - from Range Rovers to Robin Reliants, we really do buy any car. We also buy any van too!
  • Age - we buy cars of all ages, but it’s worth noting that a very old car, namely a classic, may be valued lower than you’d expect due to its age.
  • MOT or road tax - You can sell your car to us no matter its tax or MOT status. Our valuations assume that your vehicle has a minimum of one month MOT. If we discover that your vehicle doesn’t have a valid MOT during the inspection, then the valuation will be reduced.
  • Finance - We’ll even buy cars with outstanding finance.

Our simple, speedy car selling service

So now you know we will buy your car, but how do you sell it? It's as easy as four simple steps:

  1. Enter your registration number in the box on our website.
  2. Give us a few details about the car. The helps us to value your car more accurately, so you can get the best price.
  3. Enter your contact details to get a free, no-obligation valuation.
  4. If you’re happy with your quote, then you can agree to the valuation and arrange an appointment for a date and time convenient to you.

After the inspection, you can relax and wait for your payment. The cash will be in your bank account on the very same day.

Do you buy any car
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