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To start the process of your car's valuation you first need to enter your registration number and will we try to find your car. To value your car, we use industry trade valuation guides and our valuation is reviewed and adjusted daily to truly reflect the current used car market. In order for us to value your car accurately we will take you through 5 steps and at the end you will be able to see an instant valuation for your vehicle.

Step 1: We ask you to confirm that the car we have found is indeed your car.

Step 2: If you have any additional specification, e.g. Leather, Satellite Navigation etc. fitted to your car then we ask you to tick the appropriate boxes.

Step 3: Please tell us more about your vehicle.


One of the biggest determining factors in the valuation we provide is based on how many miles your vehicle has done. Whilst lower mileage can make your car easier to sell it doesn’t necessarily mean your car is worth more. On average a car will usually clock 12,000 miles a year, so if you are above this level of usage you will find the value of your vehicle to be reduced, sometimes quite substantially.

Previous Owners
Another factor is also down to the number of previous owners the vehicle has had. This information can be found on your V5C document. A vehicle that has had more than one owner per year will be worth less than a vehicle that hasn’t.

Service History
If this is fully up to date and completed by a VAT registered dealer than it is fair to assume the value of your car will be higher than a car with only a partial service history.

A vehicle with full MOT is more valuable than a vehicle with no MOT. If your vehicle has failed an MOT, then it will require some work to make the car road worthy again; the level of work required to convert this to a pass will affect your final valuation.

Colour & Condition
Some colours are more popular and desirable than others. This can have a slight impact on the valuation we provide.

Insurance Write Off
If your vehicle has been involved in a vehicle collision you may be informed by the insurance company that the car is a write off. Essentially this terms means that the vehicle is beyond economical repair. This most certainly will affect the value we provide. Please note that we perform a HPI on every vehicle we purchase and this report clearly indicates to us whether the vehicle has been involved in any insurance claims.

Step 5: So we are able to contact you, please tell us your name, phone number, email address and postcode. We also ask how you found about us. One of our experienced car buyers will appraise your vehicle and once completed, we show your vehicle valuation and allow you to book an appointment to sell your car to us.

How we value your car
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