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Do you buy insurance write off cars?

Do we buy written-off cars? Yes, and you can use our website to get a free quote for your car in the standard way. Just make sure that you tell us that your car is an insurance write-off in our valuation process. We will only buy Category C and Category D write-off's that have been fully repaired of any accident damage. Please note: We can't buy cars that won't start i.e. non-runners. Here's some information regarding write-offs, in case you're unsure about where your car stands:

How are written-off cars categorised?

You might already know that written-off cars are categorised using an alphabetical system from A to D, with vehicles in Category A having the most damage, and those in Category D having the least. What you might not know is exactly what the categories mean, and what each one means for you when selling your vehicle to We Want Any Car.

Category A write-offs

Category A Write-offs are the worst kind of wreckages. Usually the car has been in a major, even fatal, traffic accident. Cars that have been completely burnt or submerged for some time, or had their chassis and body twisted to an unsalvageable point, all fall under Category A, and can never return to the road.

Category B write-offs

Category B Write-offs are still the result of serious damage, but in these cases there are usually some salvageable parts. Just like Category A, Category B cars should never be bought or driven, with the exception of some rare classic cars which may be restorable for a considerable cost.

Category C write-offs

Category C Write-offs appear in the case where a vehicle is repairable, but the repairs will cost more than the deemed value of the car itself.

Category D write-offs

Category D Write-offs are similar to Category C in that the vehicle can be repaired, only this time the cost of the repairs is less than the car's value, but still a significant amount (usually greater than 50% of the value). This varies with each car and insurer as they measure using a repair-to-value ratio, which is different for each company. For example an insurer that uses a 60% ratio, would deem repairs costing £3000 to be excessive on a car that is worth £5000.

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