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How does the payment process work?

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How does the WeWantAnyCar payment process work?

At We Want Any Car, we are known for our speedy, hassle-free car selling service. Once you are happy with your valuation and all the paperwork has been handed over (see our page on the documents you will need to sell your car for more details), we can begin the payment process.

Payment by BACS transfer

We pay all our customers by BACS bank transfer. This is a secure and efficient method of payment and will take a maximum of 4 working days to reach your bank account subject to all the checks being clear. This is the standard payment service that we use for all our transactions. However, if you would like your payment sooner, we can speed up the process for you for an additional charge. We cannot pay for your car in cash due to money laundering regulations.

Fast track payment options

We also offer a fast track payment service for an additional fee. You can discuss this quicker payment option with the vehicle purchaser when you attend an appointment at one of local branches. There is a additional cost of £24.95 for this service, it is subject to terms and conditions and offered at the discretion of the vehicle purchaser. The type of fast track payment options depend on the time of your appointment. If you decide to go ahead with the quicker transaction option before 4:30pm, you are eligible for same day payment. After 4:30pm, the earliest option is next day payment. We also offer immediate payments which can be made up until 4pm. Please note that immediate payments cannot be made on a weekend. Bank holiday payments will not be delayed and same day payments can still be made on a bank holiday.

What if I have car finance attached to my vehicle?

If you have car finance attached to your vehicle then we need to have the amounts confirmed by your finance lender before payment can be made. You will need to bring a recent valid letter from your finance company confirming their settlement figure and validity to your appointment. If your vehicle has a HPI, NMR or VOSA discrepancy this can delay payment, but you will be made aware of this at your appointment by one of our vehicle purchasers.

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