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How do I sell my car for the best price?

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How can I increase the value of my car?

Before you book an appointment with us, you may want to consider some aspects of our car inspection checklist so that you get the best price when selling your car.

Repair any obvious flaws to the exterior

You could touch up chips and scratches professionally before visiting one of our branches. Fixing any obvious flaws to the exterior could make a considerable difference, as long as you don’t spend too much money. Small windscreen chips, for example, can usually be repaired under your car insurance at no additional cost, and with no effect on your no-claims discount. It also might be worth getting any minor repairs, such as dents, done, as this will help you achieve the best price possible.

Thoroughly clean the interior

Cleaning your car can have a real impact on the sale of your car and money you’ll eventually get. If that means spending a few hours with the vacuum cleaner and a duster then it’s definitely worth it. Presenting your car in a clean and tidy state can add more value than you think, and if you don’t want to clean it yourself, then you can pay for a full valet service instead.

Get a new MOT if yours is about to expire

If your car is due for a new MOT soon it’s a good idea to get this renewed before you try to sell it.

Remember all the necessary documents

Finding all the relevant paperwork, including the V5C registration document, servicing schedule and your most recent MOT certificate, is also helpful when preparing to sell your car. Making sure that you have these readily available will help you to secure the sale and save you time when it comes to your appointment with one of our friendly car experts in branch.

Make sure you check all the essentials

Another low cost way to prepare your car for selling is to check all the essentials such as your car’s headlights, tyres and warning lights. It’s also important to check the electrics, oil, coolant and brake fluid levels. By following our advice, you’re sure to get the best price when filling in all the details for your free valuation online or even when you come for your final inspection in one of our nationwide branches.

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